Woman Fast-food Worker $10,000 Coat

Woman Fast-food Worker $10,000 Coat
Woman Fast-food Worker $10,000 Coat, We're not even sure what to call this -- maybe a massive tip? A fast food worker complimented a customer's mink coat as she went through the drive-thru. Then, that customer handed her the coat right through the window!

"She was a perfect stranger. I didn't know this lady from nobody. I ain't never seen her come through my drive-thru window," Semien told KTRK.

"She was so sweet, so I just took it off and handed it to her through the drive-thru window," the Good Samaritan said.

That gift should keep Liberty, Texas, Whataburger employee Cheryl Semien warm through the winter. It's a real fur coat worth about $10,000!
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