Reality Show Mug Shots

Reality Show Mug Shots
Reality Show Mug Shots, Strange things can happen when everyday people are thrust into the limelight via reality television. That's what makes shows such as "Survivor," "Big Brother" and "Teen Mom" so interesting. Instant stardom can also, unfortunately, cause some reality stars to make poor decisions. Read on to find out how these reality TV personalities got arrested and see their infamous mug shots.

Renee Alway
"America's Next Top Model" contestant  Renee Alway had to take part in a different type of photo shoot after she was arrested at the end of June. The "Modelville" runner-up was allegedly involved in a six-hour standoff with police in Palm Springs, Calif. Renee Alway came 3rd on cycle 8, Renee Alway charged with burglary, fraud, narcotics possession and committing a felony while on bail, Renee Alway shaved head,

Chad Johnson
Longtime Cincinnati Bengals player Chad Johnson has been in trouble with the law since August 2012, when he was arrested for domestic battery. The "Dancing With the Stars" alum turned himself in to authorities in May after a warrant was issued for his arrest and in June he was sentenced to jail. Chad Johnson allegedly head-butted wife, chad johnson dancing with the stars 4th, Chad Johnson warrant for violating probation, Chad Johnson sentenced to 30 days in jail,

Jenelle Evans
Controversial "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans must have perfected her mug shot by now. The young mom's most recent arrest was in May. Jenelle Evans arrested for failing to appear in court, Jenelle Evans appendectomy,

Salwa Amin
MTV reality star Salwa Amin was arrested during a drug raid in February, despite trying to hide from the authorities. The 24-year-old was allegedly found with oxycodone and three bags of this illegal drug. Salwa Amin re-arrested because her drug test was positive,

Flavor Flav
Musician-turned-reality-star Flavor Flav has been featured on several reality shows, including "The Surreal Life" and a show that chronicled his search for love. The talented musician has had several stints in jail and was most recently locked up in October 2012. Flavor Flav can play 15 instruments, Flavor Flav jailed in October 2012 on felony charges after domestic argument, Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs, Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs closed in July 2013 for not paying rent,

Deena Cortese
"Jersey Shore" star Deena Cortese was arrested last summer while filming the reality show in Seaside Heights. The petite star was reportedly drunk and making strange gestures at people. Deena Cortese charged with disorderly conduct, parents bailed Deena Cortese out of jail, Deena Cortese rejected for season 1 but later replaced Angelina Pivarnick,

Amber Portwood
"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood  seems to be in the news all the time lately for all the wrong reasons. The Indiana native was arrested most recently in May 2012 and ordered to prison. Amber Portwood arrested May 2012 for violating drug court probation, Amber Portwood sentenced to five years,

Kate Stoltzfus
"Breaking Amish" star Kate Stoltzfus has left her old life, including a 2012 arrest behind now that she has become a fashion model. Abe Schmucker arrested,

Gary Shirley
"Teen Mom" star Gary Shirley appeared to be following in his baby mama's footsteps when he was arrested in 2011. The couple was together at the time and reportedly having a huge argument in his car.  Gary Shirley arrested for driving with a suspended license, Gary Shirley bond set at $3000,

Jennifer Jowett
Reality star Jennifer Jowett became famous as one of the stars of Season 2 of this VH1 reality show. Jowett was portrayed as spoiled and rude on the show and her actions off camera haven't been great either as she was arrested in January 2011. Jennifer Jowett said ugly people annoy her, Jennifer Jowett arrested for DUI, Jennifer Jowett arrested the night her show premiered, Jennifer Jowett sentenced to three years probation, must attend alcohol education classes and fines,

Marysol Patton
"Real Housewives" star Marysol Patton was arrested in December 2010. Her mother, who also has been featured on the reality show was arrested on the same charge several months later. Marysol Patton arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, Marysol Patton sentenced to $1000 fine,

Bryan Masche
Bryan Masche the dad on "Raising Sextuplets" was arrested in 2010 during an argument with his then-wife Jenny. The couple have since separated. Bryan Masche arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and threatening domestic violence, Bryan Masche bail set at $3,500,

Rapper-turned-reality-star T.I. has been arrested numerous times since he was a teenager. The Grammy Award winner's most recent run-in with the law came in September 2010, when he and his reality show co-star and wife were both arrested. T.I. and Tiny arrested on drug charges, T.I. and Tiny bail set at $10,000, T.I. sentenced to 11 months in jail,

Paris Hilton
Socialite Paris Hilton became even more famous when her reality show with then-best-friend Nicole Richie first aired in 2003. It hasn't all been positive for Hilton though: She has been arrested more than once, with the most recent arrest occurring in August 2010. Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine possession, Paris Hilton in jail for 23 days, Paris Hilton jailed for alcohol-related reckless driving, Paris Hilton a DJ in Ibiza for a month ,

"Jersey Shore" star and new mom Snooki  has seemingly calmed her wild ways. It was a different story back in July 2010 though, when she was arrested while filming Season 3 of the popular reality show. Snooki charged with disorderly conduct and criminal annoyance,

Sonja Morgan
"Real Housewives" star Sonja Morgan was arrested after reportedly partying a little too hard over Memorial Day weekend in 2010. The housewife, known for her carefree attitude, was pulled over and charged with driving while intoxicated. Sonja Morgan pulled over after she ran a stop sign, J.P. Morgan's great-grandson John Adams Morgan,

Megan Hauserman
Megan Hauserman, a model and star of a number of reality shows, including her own dating show, wasn't looking too glamorous back in April 2010 when she was pulled over by the cops. The University of Illinois grad was subsequently charged with DUI.  Megan Hauserman pulled over because she was weaving between lanes, Megan Wants a Millionaire canceled after 3 episodes, megan wants a millionaire ryan jenkins murder suspect,

Debra Danielsen
Debra Danielsen's rocky relationship with her reality star daughter has been well-documented on MTV's "Teen Mom". In January 2010 it hit rock bottom when Danielsen was arrested after an argument with her daughter got out of hand. Debra Danielsen charged with domestic assault, Debra Danielsen and Farrah Abraham arguing about childcare issues,

Khloe Kardashian
E! reality star Khloe Kardashian Odom is known as the funny one on her family's reality show but there was nothing funny about her arrest on March 4, 2007. The former co-host on "The X Factor" received a jail sentence for the offense but was released early due to overcrowding. Khloe Kardashian arrested for DUI, Khloe Kardashian in jail for less than 3 hours,

Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie starred on "The Simple Life" with childhood pal Paris Hilton but life was far from simple after that. The fashion designer was arrested in late 2006 and sentenced to jail in 2007. Nicole Richie arrested for DUI, Nicole Richie in jail for 82 minutes,

Marlo Hampton
"Real Housewives" guest star Marlo Hampton has been arrested numerous times and served several stints in jail. Her most recent run-in with the law was in July 2003, when she was arrested for violation of her probation. Marlo Hampton reportedly been arrested seven times,

Corey Clark
Corey Clark was kicked off Season 2 of "American Idol" for his criminal past. The singer was arrested in 2002 after a disagreement with his teenage sister got out of hand. Corey Clark charged with resisting arrest, battery, and criminal restraint, Corey Clark arrested in 2006 for trespassing, Corey Clark and Paula Abdul rumored relationship,

Sugar Bear Thompson
TLC reality TV dad "Sugar Bear" Thompson father to this boisterous beauty pageant participant was arrested in 1998 for robbing hunting camps and more. Sugar Bear Thompson reportedly set fire to at least one camper, Sugar Bear Thompson sentenced to five years in prison,

Duane 'Dog' Chapman
Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman had his own reality show for years where viewers could watch him track down fugitives and get them back behind bars. He also has been candid about his own criminal past and imprisonment for a conviction in the mid-1970s. Duane Chapman convicted of murder,
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