Parasailing Accident: Parasailing Accident Caught on Tape

Parasailing Accident: Parasailing Accident Caught on Tape
Parasailing Accident: Parasailing Accident Caught on Tape, A parasailing accident put two Indiana girls in the hospital in Panama City Beach, FL, and both are in critical condition.

The rope carrying over the shore broke Monday afternoon and strong winds had them on a beeline toward a high rise condominium. The two were injured when they collided with the condo, power lines and several cars on their way down.

Medics rushed the two 17-year-old victims to the hospital.

Collin Good had to watch helplessly as his sister, Sidney, and her friend, Alex Fairchild, drifted toward a collision with a highrise condo.

“We jerked a little bit and sat there for about a minute or two and that’s when the cable had snapped and I’d seen them going away. I was just in complete shock during all of that,” said Collin Good.

On Thursday, the parents of the victims spoke out about the accident.

“This happened while we had her daughter and, you know, we couldn’t do anything. All we could do was finally get in contact with them after this happened and, you know, be there for both of them,” said Amy Good, Sidney’s mother.

Three days after the incident, Alexis is improving.

“She was able to start walking and as soon as she had seen sid, she was in her room, wanting to hold her hand, then went around and back in her wheelchair again and wanted to go back to see her and sit with her for a bit,” said Michael Fairchild, Alexis’s Father.

Sidney’s injuries are apparently more significant.

“For her to just be responding and all lifting a finger and actually being able to move is like walking to us,” said Mrs. Good.

“Anytime we get a thumbs up or an acknowledgement to anybody. It’s a shot of adrenaline to us,” said Eric Good, Sidney’s Father.

Source: WJHG
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