Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery
Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery, There's a lot of pressure on celebrities to look young and fabulous (even if they already are young and fabulous). Sometimes, it seems as though getting plastic surgery in Hollywood is as common as riding the subway in New York. As often as you hear horror stories of botched boob jobs and rhinoplasty gone wrong, we have to admit that these stars look much improved after going under the knife.

Denise Richards

Denise has one enviable bikini body, but she had to have multiple surgeries until she was happy with the end result. denise richards had three boob jobs, denise richards had three boob jobs,

Jennifer Aniston
This former "Friends" actress is still as gorgeous as ever at 44, but not without a little help from a plastic surgeon! jennifer aniston big mac, jennifer aniston before and after nose job,

Nicole Richie
She's never admitted to going under the knife, but all signs point to plastic surgery once you see old pictures of Nicole Richie! nicole richie eating disorder,

Kelly Rowland
This "Bootylicious" singer can boast an all-natural derriere, but which of Kelly Rowland's other curves have been augmented? kelly rowland wardrobe malfunction,

Cameron Diaz
She may have starred in "The Mask," but Cameron Diaz doesn't need to don a mask of her own after having this procedure done. how did cameron diaz look before her nose job, cameron diaz nose job after surfing accident,

Kourtney Kardashian
The Kardashian family is an open book, so it's not surprising that Kourtney has dished extensively about how she's improved her body. kourtney kardashian talks about plastic surgery,

Brandi Glanville
This "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star is no stranger to Botox, but what else has she done to her body? brandi glanville spent 23500 on plastic surgery, brandi glanville vaginal rejuvenation,

Kate Hudson
Even beautiful ladies like Kate Hudson aren't immune to wanting a better body. And even though she's never admitted to having work done on her boobs, we think the photos speak for themselves. Kate Hudson Implants b cup,

Vicki Gunvalson
After her dramatic divorce, "Real Housewife" Vicki Gunvalson got a nose job. Afterward, she said, "I've always felt like I'm not pretty enough." vicki gunvalson wets tamra barney's bed,

Bristol Palin
Bristol Palin insists that the work she had done wasn't "plastic surgery," but was "necessary for medical reasons." who did bristol palin switch with on wife swap,

Megan Fox
We hate to break it to you, boys, but Megan Fox wasn't always the seductive sex symbol she is today! Megan Fox before plastic surgery, Megan Fox tattoo removal,

Kathy Griffin
This funny lady wanted to have the jokes and a pretty face to boot, so she got a little nip and tuck. kathy griffin before eye lift nose job, kathy griffin talks about plastic surgery, Kathy Griffin Bikini troops,

Tamra Barney
Tamra Barney may be one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County," but her body isn't 100 percent real. which real housewives have had plastic surgery, why did tamra barney have her breast implants removed,

Ashlee Simpson
Ashlee Simpson revamped her look with a short blond pixie cut, but which other major makeover has she gone through? Ashlee Simpson Nose Job , ashlee simpson and pete wentz divorce,

Kate Gosselin
After having eight children, this reality-TV star decided to take control of her body and get a little nip and tuck so she'd feel sexier. does kate gosselin regret having surgery,

Jennifer Grey
Back in the '80s, Jennifer's trademark body part helped her rise to fame. Unfortunately, when she messed around with what made her famous, she also fell off the Hollywood map. jennifer grey before nose job, does jennifer gray regret nose job,

Jamie Lee Curtis
This scream queen has spent years being expressive in front of the camera, so it's not entirely surprising that as she's gotten older she wants to erase her face's fine lines. jamie lee curtis loves plastic surgery,

Howard Stern
They say radio personalities aren't on TV because they don't have the face for it. But that isn't the case for Howard after he had a little work done. howard stern feuds with celebrities,

Trista Sutter
Sure this "Bachelorette" has always been great looking, but after two kids she wanted to get her body into pre-baby shape with the help of a doctor or two.  why did trista sutter have plastic surgery,

Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner's visit to a plastic surgeon in the '80s didn't end well, so he had to go under the knife a second time to correct the mistakes. what olympic medals did bruce jenner win, who made fun of bruce jenner's plastic surgery,
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