Alien abduction cases

Alien abduction cases
Alien abduction cases, Did you know that July 2nd is World UFO Day? Over the years, many people have stated publicly that they were abducted by aliens. While some of their stories seem out of this world, others have been seriously investigated. See our list of the most talked-about alien abduction cases.

Betty and Barney Hill
Date: Sept. 19, 1961

Their story: Betty and Barney Hill claimed they saw a UFO while driving home from a vacation. At first they thought it was a falling star or a satellite, until they said it started coming toward them. betty barney hill interracial couple, barney hill humanoid figures,

Betty Andreasson
Date: Jan. 25, 1967

Her story: Andreasson reported that a red light beamed into her home through the kitchen window, then five strange creatures walked through her front door. She said her entire family was then put into a trance. betty andreasson telepathic alien,

Herb Schirmer
Date: Dec. 3, 1967

His story: The young patrolman wrote in his logbook that he saw an oval-shaped object with red lights blinking from it, hovering over the road. He said he watched as the object then shot up into the air and out of sight. herbert schirmer weird buzzing,

José Antonio da Silva
Date: May 4, 1969

His story: A soldier claimed he was struck by a light, then dragged into an object by two beings. He said they tried to communicate with him but later returned him about 200 miles from where he was taken. antonio da silva abduction beings helmet, gestures and sketches, antonio da silva abduction 4 days,

Judy Doraty
Date: May 1973

Her story: Doraty said she, her teen daughter and mother-in-law witnessed a UFO while driving home from bingo.  Under hypnosis, Doraty said she saw a beam of light lift up an animal and that she ended up aboard the spacecraft with two little men. judy doraty grey creatures egg shaped heads,

Sgt. Charles L. Moody
Date: Aug. 13, 1975

His story: Air Force Sgt. Moody was watching a meteor shower when he said a disc-shaped object came close to him. Weeks later, he recalled being in a scuffle with two creatures then waking up paralyzed inside the craft. He said the beings eventually let him go, but promised to return. charles l moody abduction six feet tall black clothing, charles l moody abduction 20 years,

Travis Walton
Date: Nov. 5, 1975

His story: Walton and his co-workers reportedly saw a UFO while driving home from work. Walton apparently went to look at the object and was struck by a light.  His co-workers reportedly took off, but Walton was found later. He had faint memories of what happened to him. travis walton 5 days,

The Kentucky abductions
Date: Jan. 6, 1976

The story: Three women claimed that, while driving, they saw a UFO, which they initially thought was a crashing airplane. Suddenly, their car started to speed up and wouldn't stop. The women said a light then shot into the car and harmed them.

The Allagash abductions
Date: Aug. 20, 1976

The story: Four friends who were night fishing along the Allagash Wilderness Waterway said a glowing object headed toward their canoe. They said a light came from the object and engulfed them. Later, they all had nightmares of beings examining them. allagash beings metallic eyes insect-like hands,

Alan Godfrey
Date: Nov. 28, 1980

His story: The police officer was searching for missing cows when he said he saw a fuzzy oval hovering close. Suddenly, there was a burst of light and Godfrey ended up back inside his car. The next day, three other officers reported seeing the lights. alan godfrey drew ufo, alan godfrey police boots split dragged,

Albert Burtoo
Date: Aug. 12, 1983

His story: The 77-year-old was night fishing when he reported seeing a bright light fall from the sky.  He said two figures then came to him and brought him inside a spacecraft.  He said the beings scanned his body and asked him a question before letting him go. albert burtoo abduction green coveralls helmets, albert burtoo abduction what is your age,

Whitley Strieber
Date: Dec. 26, 1985

His story: While vacationing with his family at a cabin, Strieber claimed he came across a creature in his bedroom. Under hypnosis, he said he was taken onto a UFO and saw several types of beings. He said they subjected him to medical testing and took a sample from him. strieber beings robot type stocky weak looking,

Philip Spencer
Date: Dec. 1, 1987

His story: The former policeman was reportedly headed to a relative's house, but stopped on the way to take pictures at the Ilkley Moor. He claimed that, while taking the photos, he noticed a strange being ahead of him.  He followed the creature and says he managed to also get pics of a flying craft.

Jason Andrews
Date: July 1987

His story: On his fourth birthday, Andrews reportedly started rambling about numbers and made a strange announcement. Years later, he told his mother that aliens had been abducting him from his bed. jason andrews abduction they're waiting for me, jason andrews abduction fuzzy indistinct, +jason andrews abduction operating theatre,

Linda Cortile-Napolitano
Date: Nov. 30, 1989

Her story: Cortile-Napolitano claimed one night she woke up and saw several alien figures in her bedroom. She said they took her into a UFO above her Manhattan apartment building. She initially could not recall her experience, but remembered one part vividly. linda cortile napolitano greys, linda cortile napolitano examine feet,

Kelly Cahill
Date: Aug. 8, 1993

Her story: Cahill was in a car at night with her husband and three children when she said they saw a rounded craft with windows. She said an intense light came down on them and then, suddenly, it was daytime again. Later she found a mark on her body. kelly cahill abduction blackout, kelly cahill abduction triangular mark navel,

Abduction in Wales
Date: Nov. 10, 1997

The story: A family was driving along a highway when, suddenly, a purple flying object attached itself to their car.  They said it disappeared seconds later, but somehow they lost a considerable number of hours.  Afterward, the man driving had a toothache and went to see a dentist. alien abduction wales black object fell out,

Clayton and Donna Lee
Date: Dec. 22, 2005

Their story: A husband and wife reported that they were abducted by aliens several times. Clayton said he was lifted into the air during an abduction and Donna said the creatures took something from her body. clayton lee child abduction, clayton lee abduction quit touching me, donna lee abduction fetus taken,
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