White Lion Cost $138,000

White Lion Cost $138,000
White Lion Cost $138,000, White Lion Cubs Price Tag: $138,000. The very rare White Lion is because of a a recessive gene and the animals are not considered to be albino. The White Lion’s eye color is similar to the regular lion, however the coat pigmentation and skin are not. Due to its price, demand, upkeep and scarcity, the White Lion remains one of the most difficult animals in the world to obtain.

Most Expensive or Most Exploited?
I have always been an animal lover, this is true – all animals – all kinds, especially animal babies, who hold a special place in my heart. I have also had a tendency to favor cats, maybe it’s their independent nature, or perhaps their smaller size made them a preferable companion for an apartment dweller. So it is no surprise that the minute I viewed these adorable little white lion cubs, with crystal bright blue eyes, I fell in love. I soon learned however — that these exotic babies are far from your average house cat. These regal cuties fetch a hefty $138,000 and come from South Africa, where some locals still view them as the magical and divine creatures that they truly are!

Unfortunately, as with many creatures that are now considered extinct, the White Lions of South Africa have been hunted to extinction and are currently being bred almost purely for canned hunting trophies. As an advocate for the White Lions, Linda Tucker, the founder of The Global White Lion Protection Trust and author of “The Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sun God”, has brought well needed attention to this cause. She has made it her life’s mission to reintroduce the White Lions into the wild and safeguard their future. She has furthered our knowledge of the White Lion’s plight through various educational events and implemented community development programs in an effort to further scientific research.

Since Linda Tucker established the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002, she has rescued one White Lioness and her three cubs from a zoo and successfully released them into a special reserve.Though Marah, the Lioness, died in 2007, her cubs have gone on to form two healthy prides with three new cubs, the first born outside captivity since 1991. Tucker is currently working with her partner and ecologist Jason Turner as well as American geneticists to determine the gene that could get the White Lion placed on the endangered species list. At the 2009 World Wilderness Congress in Mexico, 54 Countries passed a resolution that they should be protected, so hopes are high!
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