Shark Attacks at Surfside

Shark Attacks at Surfside
Shark Attacks at Surfside, For those of you who read our article about shark attacks in Texas, we have some news. There was a shark attack over Memorial Day weekend at Surfside Beach in Texas. A five foot bull shark attacked Kori Robertson while she was wading in waist high water on Follett’s Island (which is about 3 miles east of Surfside).

Kori is a student at the University of Houston and is not mad at the shark. She is a beach lover and stated “I just want people to know about this….. It’s not something you usually think about”.

Kori was lucky however, her boyfriend wrapped her wound in a towel, and took her to the hospital. Her skin was badly cut, but the bite was only 1 centimeter deep. The biggest concern from the hospital would be the risk of infection from the warm water. There are no official warnings on the beach at this point, and if you are afraid of sharks you should visit our article about shark attacks in Texas. With 34 (now 35) attacks in Texas (2 of them being fatal) since 1911, it is safe to say that you are probably going to have a shark free experience in the Texas surf. You can see the full story at the Chron’s website here, including more pictures.
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