Savannah Cat Cost $1,000 To $7,000

Savannah Cat Cost $1,000 To $7,000
Savannah Cat Cost $1,000 To $7,000, Likes mini cheetahs with tall perky ears and a never ever stop fun loving personality this beautiful breed carries a large $1000 to $7000 price tag depending on certain visual traits. The cat is mesmerising and incredibly close to a wild cat but exhibiting many domestic qualities such as care and love for the human owner. These pure breds are lovingly bred and creatively mixed to create new visual traits.

I don’t want to condemn cat lovers but sadly any pure breeding can lead to complications such as narrow blood lines and health conditions that are hard to make better unless the breed is weakened with outside blood.

This makes me think, as beautiful as they are, that these cats should be left alone and we should turn to rescues as our feline pets.
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