Pete Burns Sues Lip Surgery

Pete Burns Sues Lip Surgery
Pete Burns Sues Lip Surgery, British singer Pete Burns is suing a plastic surgeon for a million pounds ($2.29 million) for disfiguring him while attempting to remove his lip implants.

In an interview with Britain’s Standard newspaper, the androgynous Dead Or Alive frontman accused the doctor of “wrecking his career and life” and said that he looked like he had been “mutilated with a Stanley knife” after a procedure to correct earlier problems left his top lip hanging off. He’s had more than 100 operations conducted by specialists in Italy, and he still isn’t done yet. Anyone who has had that much cosmetic plastic surgery probably deserves whatever he’s been left with and shouldn’t be pitied too much despite his grovelling.

“I saw doctors in London who said the only option was to amputate my lips,” Burns said. “I was suicidal.”

While some people might say that Burns’ music sucks, that’s all that he was physically capable of doing for months. The former pop star said that he couldn’t eat normally, could only drink through a straw and couldn’t leave his house for months because he was embarrassed about his appearance.

Burns claims that his career would have been at its peak without his lip problems, as he was about to record with the Pet Shop Boys, pursue a number of solo projects and launch a greatest hits album.
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