Kids Alcohol Mimosas

Kids Alcohol Mimosas
Kids Alcohol Mimosas, In Rochester, a family says their kids were “drunk” after a restaurant accidentally served the children mimosas instead of orange juice during a Sunday brunch.

The parents allege their kids got drunk over the weekend at Bazil restaurant upstate in New York. Jeremy and Dawn DeRoo didn’t realize at first that their children were tying one on during the outing, but the 7-year-old complained of a funny taste in the OJ. Dawn says she sampled the beverage but put the kid’s complaint down to differing brands.

When fellow diners complained that their juice, too, tasted off — identifying the difference being the drink was a mimosa — the couple alerted the waitress who apologized and replaced the cocktails with milk.

However, the issue of the kids’ drunk at brunch was not addressed beyond a drink replacement, and the parents say their ordeal didn’t end there.

A local news source reports that the family contacted police, but cops said the incident was a mistake and that such occurrences are not considered criminal in nature. DeRoo is angry, though, saying the kids “appeared hungover” and slept all day Monday.

Jeremy fumes:

“That’s not good enough for parents having kids, drunk and sleeping all day. It’s not fair. These little kids shouldn’t have any alcohol period.”

Danny Daniele owns Bazil, and he says he later contacted the DeRoos to apologize for the drunk kids mixup, offer the family a refund on the meal they consumed Sunday, and explain what steps were being taken in light of the situation that day.

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