Jay Leno Annual Salary

Jay Leno Annual Salary
Jay Leno Annual Salary, Jay Leno Net Worth: Jay Leno is an American stand-up comedian and television host, he has a net worth of $250 million and an annual salary of $25 million. In addition to his Tonight Show salary, Jay earns an additional $15 – $20 million per year from a hectic stand up tour schedule. Jay has stated in past interviews that 100% of the money he earns from The Tonight Show, after taxes and fees, goes directly into his bank account and he just lives off his stand up earnings.

Jay Leno has earned his net worth as the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 1992 to 2009. Leno started a primetime talk show, titled The Jay Leno Show, which aired weeknights on NBC in September 2009, however the show was cancelled due to a host controversy in January 2010, Leno then returned to host The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on March 1, 2010. Jay Leno was born in New Rochelle, New York, on April 28, 1950, his mother was born in Greenock, Scotland, and came to the United States at age 11. His father was born in New York to immigrants from Flumeri, Italy.

Jay Leno Net Worth

Jay Leno got his start on television as a regular substitute host for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. He went on to replace Carson as host in 1992, beating out rival comedian David Letterman. The transition Leno went through replacing Carson was very turbulent, and was later turned into a book and a movie.

Jay Leno has been married since 1980 to Mavis Leno; they have no children. Mavis Leno is on the board of the Feminist Majority, and the couple made a donation of $100,000 to the Feminist Majority. Leno is an avid car collector he owns approximately 200 vehicles, including about 100 cars.

His collection has been valued at over $50 million. The website “Jay Leno’s Garage,” contains video clips and photos of his automobiles in detail. Leno is dyslexic and has a prominent jaw, which has been described as mandibular prognathism.

Jay Leno’s salary break down:

1992- $1 million
1993- $1 million
1994- $3 million
1995- $3 million
1996- $5 million
1997- $5 million
1998- $5 million
1999- $10 million
2000- $12 million
2001- $15 million
2002- $15 million
2003- $20 million
2004- $20 million
2005- $20 million
2006- $20 million
2007- $20 million
2008- $20 million
2009- $22 million
2010- $24 million
2011- $25 million
2012 -$25 million

Total career earnings: $286 million
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