Jason Caffey Ten Children Eight Different Women

Jason Caffey Ten Children Eight Different Women
Jason Caffey Ten Children Eight Different Women, Ex-NBA’er Jason Caffey had a bit of trouble handling the ball during his playing days - in more ways than one. The former Bull, Warrior, Celtic, Buck managed to conceive ten children with eight different mothers.

Now it turns out that Caffey had managed his finances as well as he managed birth control - and one of his baby mamas wants him to pay.

TMZ delivers news that Lorunda Brown, one of Jason’s previous joyrides, wants to know where her kid’s cash is. Caffey was taken to court last year & almost thrown in jail, but was spared time behind bars because he claimed he was bankrupt:

    Brown’s lawyer now wants to know, penny by penny, where all of Caffey’s jack went — including the $35 million that he made in his last NBA contract.

Caffey last played in the league in 2003, when the Bucks bought out the last two years of his contract. Jason had a lot on his mind that year - including a charge for assault outside a Toronto strip club - so he probably didn’t have time to balance his books.

Of course, had Caffey spent a few bucks on a box of condoms before his bed-hopping adventures, he wouldn’t be in this predicament.

A hearing is schedule for this week to figure out what happened to all of Caffey’s dough. The ex-player’s lawyer says he & his client will be there.

Hopefully Jason doesn’t end up impregnating the jury. He can’t afford it.
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