Halle Berry 5 + Toes Metatarsal

Halle Berry 5 + Toes Metatarsal
Halle Berry 5 Toes Metatarsal, Last year, the famous actress broke her foot last September in Spain filming “Cloud Atlas” co-staring Tom Hanks and Hugh Grant while supposedly chasing a goat!! The cast she wore following a hospital visit even affected some scenes in the movie. However, recent reports have shown “Catwoman” to be in a foot brace once again, 6 months following her initial injury. Berry indicated she heard a ‘crack’ with an onset of immediate pain following the incident.

Foot fractures sometimes require a lot more medical expertise than an ER doctor might be able to provide. These fractures can be extremely subtle inducing a lot of pain. What most likely happened to Halle is she went back to activity before her broken bone and/or associated broken ligament had fully healed. Most likely, her diagnosis was probably incorrect from the ER. The diagnostic skills of Dr. Robert Parker in Houston have proven to be superb for over 42 years. Marilyn monroe six toes,

Broken bones and/or ligaments in the foot require a lot more time to heal. Their delicacy, limited blood supply, and increased forces due to body weight all contribute to the increase in healing time. Chances are Halle suffered a fracture in one of her 5 metatarsal bones, however, the most prone to fracture is the 5th metatarsal associated with the baby toe. Other rare fractures of the metatarsals also exist, termed Lis Franc injuries requiring many months of treatment. On the other hand, more serious possibilities include the bones in her midfoot (Cuneiforms, Navicular, or Cuboid). Treatment differs depending on the bone and location of the fracture within that bone. Correction ranges from mandatory surgical open reduction with internal fixation to simple rest, ice, and elevation. Parker Podiatry has successfully treated every single one of these possible cases resulting in the highest patient satisfaction.

If you stepped off a curb wrong, rolled your ankle, or had anything you considered minor happen to your foot or ankle, and you still experience pain, make an appointment at Parker Podiatry as quickly as possible so you can receive the correct diagnosis and associated treatment. Even if you went to the emergency room and received a cast, make an appointment with a podiatrist to confirm any diagnosis. Allowing pain in your foot to decrease the quality of your life shouldn’t continue to happen. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
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