Former Superman Actors

Former Superman Actors
Former Superman Actors, "Man of Steel" hits theaters tomorrow and joins a long line of movies and television shows dedicated to Superman. Check out some actors from the past who have brought the story's beloved characters to the screen and see what they're doing now.

Ned Beatty
Ned Beatty made his first appearance as Lex Luthor's oafish accomplice Otis in "Superman." He reprised his role in "Superman II," but his scenes were from the original shoot with Richard Donner as the director. teddy bears movie 2013 ned beatty,

Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth gave Lois Lane a maternal dimension in "Superman Returns." She had previously worked with one of her co-stars who recommended her for the role. homefront movie kate bosworth,

Dean Cain
Dean Cain gave life to the split personality of Clark Kent and Superman on the television series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." He is credited with giving Clark Kent a more confident and dominant personality. heaven's door dean cain,

Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer showed that evil can run in families with his role as Lenny Luthor the nephew of Lex Luthor. In "Superman IV," they joined together to form another villainous ally. jon cryer two and a half men,

Gene Hackman
Gene Hackman was first introduced to audiences as Superman's archnemesis, the villainous scientist Lex Luthor in the 1978 "Superman." He reprised the role in two more movies. gene hackman novelist,

Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher played the love interest, Lois Lane of Clark Kent/Superman on the television series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." She guest-starred as the mother of her character on another Superman-themed television show. teri hatcher voice planes,

Mariel Hemingway
Mariel Hemingway appeared in "Superman IV" as Lacy Warfield who was hired as the Daily Planet editor after Perry White was fired. Her role was expanded in a later edition. superman ultimate collector's edition movies, running from crazy mariel hemingway,

Sam Huntington
Sam Huntington took the role of Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen in "Superman Returns." He also lent his voice to the same character in the video game based on the movie. being human sam huntington,

Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder gave life to the sassy journalist Lois Lane in "Superman" as well as the three sequels. She teamed with a former "Superman" co-star in two appearances on "Smallville." matt's chance movie margot kidder,

Kristin Kreuk
Kristin Kreuk played teenage Clark Kent's first love Lana Lang on "Smallville." She was part of the cast for only seven seasons but returned as a guest star later in the series. beauty and the beast tv show kristin kreuk,

Frank Langella
Frank Langella made his mark on "Superman Returns" as the gruff editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, Perry White. The role was supposed to go to another actor but scheduling problems led to Langella's casting. robot and frank frank langella,

Allison Mack
Allison Mack portrayed Clark Kent's high school friend Chloe Sullivan in the television series "Smallville". She reprised her role in two online series. wilfred allison mack,

James Marsden
James Marsden played Richard White Lois Lane's fiancé and the nephew of another character in "Superman Returns." He was filming another movie based on a comic book series at the same time as "Superman Returns." the butler james marsden,

Marc McClure
Marc McClure was a fixture in "Superman" as well as the three sequels as photographer Jimmy Olsen. He is the only actor from the "Superman" movies to appear in the spinoff. marc mcclure frost nixon,

Annette O'Toole
Annette O'Toole played Lana Lang Clark Kent's high school love interest, in "Superman III." She returned to the Superman franchise 18 years later to play Martha Kent in "Smallville." always...patsy cline annette otoole,

Parker Posey
Parker Posey portrayed a villain with a conscience as Lex Luthor's sidekick Kitty Kowalski in "Superman Returns." She loosely based her character on another "Superman" character. hemingway and gellhorn parker posey,

Michael Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum portrayed a young Lex Luthor on the rise to his villainous peak in "Smallville." He won an award for his role on the series. michael rosenbaum saturn award, michael rosenbaum old days,

Brandon Routh
Due in part to his resemblance to another actor who played Superman Brandon Routh was cast to play the title role in the long-awaited sequel, "Superman Returns." He won an award for his role. brandon routh saturn award 2006, crooked arrows movie brandon routh,

John Schneider
John Schneider played the protective father, Jonathan Kent to the teenage Clark Kent in "Smallville." He reunited with a former television co-star who guest-starred on the show. the haves and have nots television show john schneider,

John Shea
John Shea played Lex Luthor Superman's nemesis and Clark Kent's rival for the affections of Lois Lane, in "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." He was  a regular on the show for only the first season, as his character died in the season finale. the theatre workshop of nantucket john shea,

Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey took a darker approach to his portrayal of Lex Luthor in "Superman Returns." He worked with the director on an earlier movie and the part in "Superman Returns" was written for him. house of cards netflix kevin spacey,

Terence Stamp
Terence Stamp appeared in "Superman" and "Superman II" as the villain from Krypton, General Zod. He is one of several "Superman" alumni to appear in "Smallville". the black marks movie terence stamp,

Tom Welling
Tom Welling played a young Clark Kent before he became Superman in "Smallville." He directed several episodes of the show and was an executive producer. smallville season 10 tom welling executive producer, parkland movie tom welling,
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