Callista Gingrich Rhinoplasty

Callista Gingrich Rhinoplasty
Callista Gingrich Rhinoplasty, Callista Gingrich no need says anything about the plastic surgery rumor that was accused of her because of her face revealed everything about this issue. Callista Gingrich maybe not a celebrity but this 47 year old woman has appeared on screen as often as any celebrities in America. Callista Gingrich name increasingly popular since her husband, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,  Newt Gingrich is a presidential candidate from Republican party last 2012.

Since that person more often seeing Callista Gingrich face and started from there her physical appearance becoming the subject for public gossiping. Looking at her facial appearance, it can’t hide she must have plastic surgery that finally revealed along her appearance in front of the public. She has accused undergone multiple plastic surgery procedure like a nose job, mini facelift, and maybe too much Botox and facial filler. Even though Callista Gingrich hasn’t confirmed anything about the plastic surgery rumor, her face revealed everything more than she can say.

Callista Gingrich Nose Job
Looking in Callista Gingrich facial appearance, it seems that her nose is too good to be true. It looks pinched, slimmer and thinner compared her previous appearance. Callista Gingrich used to have a piggy nose with flat shape of the nasal bridge. But now this woman has very impressing nose that looks like someone has carved it very well. That’s why public believe that she has had a nose job done to refine her nose shape and size.

Callista Gingrich Mini Facelift
It’s probably that Callista Gingrich doesn’t get any major facial work done and minimize the risk by taking moderate mini facelift procedure. It can be seen from Callista Gingrich facial skin that bit tight but not overdo and quite natural. The mini facelift sign also can be looked from the eye and forehead area that bit lifted naturally. Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, California believe that Callista Gingrich has less benefit from a mini face-lift done. The doctor suggests that Callista Gingrich  doesn’t need any newer procedure today due it still works well on her face.

Callista Gingrich Botox and Facial Filler
If mini facelift seems to work well on Callista Gingrich face, she seems to have fatal mistaken by too much and aggressive Botox procedure. Look at her clearly and you must be understood that Callista Gingrich face looks frozen and stiff like a statue. It’s true that Callista Gingrich face looks so smooth and soft due Botox help her to abolish wrinkles and aging signs of her face. But it’s likely that Callista Gingrich overdo her Botox procedure that creating expressionless, immobile and frozen looks on her facial skin. She also accused has facial filler like Restylane and Juvederm for her cheek and lip. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer is guessing it’s likely that Callista Gingrich is obsessed to remain youthful. At first it seems that Botox and facial filler work well before she was addicted to it and overdo this procedure. The doctor also revealed that despite Botox and facial filler, Callista Gingrich also probably has chemical peel for skin rejuvenated. But Dr. Michael Salzhauer didn’t noticed any newer plastic surgery procedure that probably was taken by Callista Gingrich recently.

It’s likely that Callista Gingrich is a kind woman who believe that her appearance will effected voter to choose her husband as a presidential candidate. Even though her husband finally wasn’t elected as the president, but at least public already revealed what kind of plastic surgery that was taken by Callista Gingrich.

Although never admitted and tells clearly, but Callista Gingrich’s face has tells us more than what kind of procedures she already had. Callista Gingrich never admitted she got plastic surgery, but when seeing her appearance you must be understood why this woman looks young and ageless in unnaturally ways.

Callista Gingrich is already 46 years old, but for some reason she looks much older than her real face. Although Callista Gingrich face looks incredible shinny, but it looks so unnatural and weird. That why although never admitted it, but by observing her appearance, its obviously that this rich woman Callista Gingrich has had plastic surgery for her appearance.

Callista Gingrich is still 46 years old, but people must be looking at her like woman in 50 years old. It seems that Callista Gingrich was overdo plastic surgery that too perfect to be real. Callista Gingrich face looks too toned, flawless, and smooth but looks overdo and not normal at all.

Although looks so perfect, but Callista Gingrich face looks too frozen, stiffed and can be creak anytime. It could be that public reported Callista Gingrich has some procedures of plastic surgery like botox, nose job, mini facelift and facial filler was true.

Those combination of plastic surgery procedures make Callista Gingrich face looks like a porcelain doll that very stiffed and frozen and it may be cracked only from very light touch. Callista Gingrich also has nose job to make her face looks sharper and thinner than previous one. She was has piggy nose but now his nose looks more pinched and well refined.

The condition of Callista Gingrich facial expression as the result of plastic surgery was approved by two famous celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif and Dr. Michael Salzhauer. Both agreed that Callista Gingrich had plastic surgery procedure to make her face looks like that.

With those a lot ov eveidences, untill now Callista Gingrich never admitted she got plastic surgery. Its maybe because as socialite, she feel ashamed to admit it. But do you think Callista Gingrich facial expression looks odd on her? you may leave any comments about Callista Gingrich plastic surgery here.

Callista Gingrich falls into the freaky side of plastic surgery.  Her facelift left her with a permanently startled look.  The before and after photo shows a shocking difference. Here's Callista Gingrich before and after plastic surgery.
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