Bizarre Health Issues

Bizarre Health Issues
Bizarre Health Issues, You probably have wondered why some people experience those weird eyelid twitches, are born with peculiar little holes above their ears or talk in their sleep. Click through to read about more strange ailments and medical oddities, some so rare that even medical experts don’t fully understand them.

Allergy symptoms
A 68-year-old man and his doctors attributed his runny nose to run-of-the-mill allergies but later discovered it was caused by something much more serious. joe nagy brain fluid leaking, aundrea aragon brain fluid,

Gibberish texts linked to health scare
A Beantown man received a string of nonsense texts from his pregnant 25-year-old wife. He took her to this renowned hospital, where neurologists reasoned it was a key warning sign of something bigger.

Man woke up gay after coma
A former rugby player from the UK broke his neck during a training session and wound up in a coma. When he awoke several days later, the patient — who had been engaged to his girlfriend — claimed the accident turned him gay. stroke changed sexual orientation,

Foreign accent syndrome
An American-born Oregon woman went in for a simple dental procedure and came out speaking in a mash-up of various European accents. Doctors say it’s the result of a rare neurological disorder. Karen Butler + small stroke while under anesthesia, Foreign accent syndrome + can clear up over time, George Michael + Foreign Accent Syndrome,

Boy doesn’t sleep
Doctors discovered this Florida mom wasn’t being melodramatic; her 3-year-old son really couldn’t sleep. They found that he stayed awake nearly 24 hours a day because of a rare condition in which the bottom part of his brain was squeezing into his spinal column. Rhett Lamb + surgery + success,

Man can't get fat
A UK man reportedly was diagnosed with a disorder that prevents him from gaining weight, no matter how much fast food he consumes. Reports claim his body burns fat faster than normal because his body produces more than the usual level of insulin. John Perry + six times normal level of insulin,

Woman can't open eyes
This Aussie woman had doctors scratching their heads when she claimed she goes through three-day stretches without being able to open her eyes. She said there are also accompanying aches and pains and that she's had the curious condition since falling ill as a teen. Natalie Adler + can't open her eyes, Natalie Adler + sinus and staph infection, Natalie Adler + the mind converted a conflict into a physical manifestation,

Man can't feel cold
He's nicknamed "The Ice Man" because this Dutch man can withstand freezing cold temperatures sporting nothing more than shorts and sandals by summoning his "inner thermostat." Check out his Guinness world record. Wim Hof + furthest under ice swim, Tibetan monk + Tummo + meditation,

Physicians estimate that 20 percent of reproductive-age women suffer from a condition that causes multiple, spontaneous orgasms. For many patients, this is far from delightful. Consider the 2012 suicide of a Florida-based PGAD sufferer.

Music-induced seizures
Loud noises and flashing lights have been known to trigger seizures, but musical triggers are considered more rare. For one New York woman, it was popular dancehall beats; for this Chinese poet, it was strains of classical music. Stacey Gayle + Sean Paul, Kung Tsu Chen + flute melodies,

Uncontrollable burps
A British woman found herself with a two-year case of constant belching. Doctors couldn't determine whether her embarrassing ailment was physical or psychological. belch + expel excess air from the stomach,

Constant hiccups
At age 25, this British man complained of a three-year bout of hiccup attacks that would occur every two seconds for 12 to 14 hours at a stretch. His story was so odd that he inspired a documentary. The Man Who Can't Stop Hiccupping, Christopher Sands + brain tumor causing hiccups,

Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Many have heard of ADD, but here's another disorder that affects children. Those who suffer from ODD display persistent hostile and disruptive behavior that goes beyond your garden-variety tantrum. ODD + combination of biological, psychological, and social factors, Parent-child interaction therapy,

Not to be confused with a unit of measurement or a fuzzy creature, this is a pattern of eating non-food items. It's more common in kids but pregnant women can experience it, too. pica + pregnancy +  iron deficiency anemia, Pica + screening for mineral deficiencies,

Morgellons disease
Patients who complain of this disorder cite creeping, crawling sensations under their skin. They claim they're plagued by parasites and some try to extract the culprits themselve. Morgellons disease + tiny fibers, Morgellons disease + delusional parasitosis, Morgellons disease + spirochetal bacteria,

Jerusalem Syndrome
Some international travelers, upon arriving in this historical city, have been known to experience spontaneous, intense religious psychosis. The syndrome has been known to affect Christians, Jews and even cartoon characters. Jerusalem syndrome + Homer Simpson, Jerusalem syndrome + believe they have a messianic mission, Jerusalem syndrome + hospital treatment away from the city,

Fregoli delusion
Those who suffer from this disorder are convinced that different people are actually a single person who's dressed in different disguises. What's more, they sometimes think that person's out to get them. It's named after a famed Italian actor known for being a quick-change artist. Fregoli delusion + serious brain injury,
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