Biggest Box Office Bombs of All Time

Biggest Box Office Bombs of All Time
Biggest Box Office Bombs of All Time, Movie releases is often considered the box office kiss of death. Why? Studios push their best films before awards season and keep the forgettable leftovers for the New Year. But not all cinematic stinkers get buried in January. See if you can recall these Hollywood flops, and then click through to Bing to see if you remembered correctly.

This 1995 swashbuckling pirate story starring Geena Davis and Matthew Modine left its production company washed up with major losses, causing it to eventually fold. Major movie bomb is this Cutthroat Island. The film millions Cutthroat Island cost $115M to make, lost $96M total, Pirates of the Caribbean.

This futuristic sci-fi comedy saw Eddie Murphy as a man who owns a night club on the moon. If it sounds like a miss, audiences agreed, and this stinker cost Warner Bros. a record amount of revenue. Major movie bomb is this, The Adventures of Pluto Nash. The adventures of Pluto Nash cost Warner bros. $112 million, Eddie Murphy, Forbes, most overpaid actor.

A kid-oriented sci-fi tale with lots of promise, this 3-D movie ended up turning off viewers with a convoluted plot and hyperreal animation that bordered on, well, creepy, making it Disney's worst box office venture to date. Mars Needs Moms, Mars Needs Moms loses $136M, mars needs women 1967.

A live-action epic that went from the Civil War to Mars and back again marked a star turn for 'Friday Night Lights' alum Taylor Kitsch, who also sank the blockbuster 'Battleship' the same year. Major movie bomb is this John Carter.

This 2003 film lives in infamy, not just for how indescribably bad the movie is, but for becoming the meeting point for the power couple who would be later dubbed 'Bennifer' Jennifer Lopez + Ben Affleck by tabloids. This awful movie Gigli, The razzies "gigli".

Maybe it was the 3 1/2 hour running time, an aging Kevin Costner or the bleak, post-apocalyptic Western setting, but audiences were having none of what this film delivered, and it ended up barely recouping a quarter of its enormous budget. Major movie bomb is this The Postman. The Simpsons Monty can't buy me love.

An interstellar action-adventure film starring John Travolta that was set in the year 3000, it left itself open for a sequel that nobody dared make after this installment crashed and burned at the box office. Major movie bomb is this Battlefield Earth. Forest Whitaker regrets "battlefield earth".

This Batman one-off starring Halle Berry featured flat characters, terrible dialogue and an overblown budget. As a result, it barely clawed its way to earning less than half of what it cost to make. Box office flop Catwoman. Catwoman + halle berry + give back Oscar, Catwoman film.

The story of a Civil War-era necromancer, played by Josh Brolin, who's focused on revenge while he collects bounty after bounty, turned out to be downright cursed at the box office. A-lister stars in the film Megan Fox. The box office flop Jonah Hex. Its total Jonah Hex loses $36M.

The problem with this Matthew McConaughey film wasn't that critics panned it, but that the budget was so big! Paramount barely made back half its money on this desert-themed caper, even with decent ticket sales. The box office bomb Sahara. The budget so large in the first place Sahara movie + three months filmed Morocco + two months europe, the Sahara movie + $121M loss.

The tagline for this epic historical drama starring Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton was 'You will never forget,' but that's assuming anyone saw it in the first place! this box office bomb The Alamo. The Alamo 2004, The Alamo.

Based on a graphic novel, this funky flick tells the story of an illustrator (played by Brendan Fraser) who's terrorized by his own cartoon while stuck in a coma. Movie Monkeybone, Monkeybone cult following.

One of the most notorious films on this list, this 1987 farce about two lounge singers played by Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman who travel to Morocco is so legendarily bad, it's never been released on DVD in the United States. This box office failure Ishtar. The movie actually make Ishtar movie made $15M.

Action star Jackie Chan had top billing in this globe-trotting adventure. Even though it was a major box office bomb upon its theatrical release, Disney finally managed to turn a profit with DVD sales. This box office bomb Ishtar. The movie actually make Around the World in 80 Days movie lost $67M after production.

This 2010 box office disaster starred Reese Witherspoon as a professional softball player stuck in a love triangle, a story that audiences evidently knew they weren't interested in seeing. This box office bomb How Do You Know.

Critics adored this forbidden love film starring Jeremy Irons and Melanie Griffith, so what went wrong? Its commercial failing was due to lack of a nationwide distributor, and it ended up running in only a handful of theaters. This box office bomb Lolita 1997.

It wasn't that Oliver Stone's historical epic took too many historical liberties with its title character, it was how monumentally boring his 3-hour film was that kept audiences away. This box office flop Alexander.

After Bruce Willis turned 'Die Hard' (watch clips) into a massive hit, studios thought they could bank on the actor in this 1991 comic caper, but the box office returns simply flew the coop. Movie failed to swoop up ticket sales Hudson Hawk. The film's total loss, Hudson Hawk cost $65M and lost $47M.

This 2011 release tells the story of Hal Jordon, the film's titular superhero played by Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately, the film failed to light up the box office. Box office bomb was this Green Lantern, Green Lantern cast + blake lively + peter sarsgaard.

Despite the film's director, Michael Cimino, winning a Best Director Oscar the year before for 'The Deer Hunter,' this follow-up epic Western became a critical and commercial failure of biblical proportions. The box office flop Heaven's Gate, Heaven's Gate 1981 made $4M.
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