16 Incredibly Expensive Pets

16 Incredibly Expensive Pets
16 Incredibly Expensive Pets, Sure, you spend a lot on your precious dog or cat. But that's nothing compared with what you could shell out on these extravagant animal companions. Maintaining a pet can be expensive, but how much would you be willing to pay for one of these faddish animal companions? Check out some of the most expensive animals in the world, from pricey breeds of dogs and cats to more exotic beasts, and then click through to Bing to see how much they cost.

A Tibetan mastiff
The most expensive dog in the world is popular among the wealthy in China, where the ancient breed originated. tibetan mastiff price $6000 to $1.5 million, caring for tibetan mastiff, tibetan mastiff price $6000 to $1.5 million, caring for tibetan mastiff,

The white lion
A South African woman who opened her home to a white lion cub says the pet is house-trained and likes to help himself to snacks in the kitchen. If you want to raise your own white lion cub, it will cost you. white lion cost $138,000, white lion species information,

Chinese crested dog
These dogs often win the World's Ugliest Dog Contest but owners of the breed -- some of whom pay four figures for the hairless variety -- apparently believe beauty is only skin deep. World's Ugliest Dog contest, Chinese crested dog starting cost $400 to $700, Chinese crested dog breed information, striped ball python $10,000, caring for a Striped ball python,

The khao manee

This rare cat which originated in Thailand, is also known as the diamond eye cat. They can have blue eyes, gold eyes or one of each with the mixed-eye variety being the most popular. Khao Manee cat cost $800 to $1600 , Khao Manee cats are sometimes deaf or partially deaf,

The hyacinth macaw
This is the largest flying parrot species in the world, and its high price has apparently created a market for illegal importation from its native South America. The Hyacinth Macaw illegal import, The Hyacinth Macaw $12,000,

The Irish wolfhound
This is the tallest dog breed and, like many large dogs, has a relatively short lifespan. In addition to its initial high price, one of these dogs will be pricey to care for: They require food and medication in large quantities. The Irish wolfhound lifespan 6-8 years, The Irish wolfhound cost $2200, Irish wolfhound care tips,

The squirrel monkey
This small, yellowish-orange monkey is a very social creature. It's a popular primate to keep as a pet, though many animal rights groups advise against it. baby Squirrel monkey cost $7,000,

The savannah cat
This hybrid cat is a cross between a wild African cat called a serval and a domestic cat. The expensive cat's personality has been compared to that of a dog -- it can be trained to walk on a leash or play fetch. Savannah cat cost $1,000 to $7,000, Savannah cat breeders,

The English bulldog
This dog's odd physical structure contributes to its high cost: Their shape usually prevents male bulldogs from mating with female dogs; artificial insemination is often required for breeding. English bulldog cost starts at $1,000,

The lowchen
The name of this dog means "little lion" in German. It almost went extinct in the 19th century but has since made a comeback. Still, it's a rare breed, and a pricey one. The Lowchen cost $1800 to $2000,

The pharaoh hound
This dog breed dates back to ancient Egypt and is now the official dog of the nation of Malta, where it is often used for hunting. The dogs are generally bred only in Malta, which contributes to their high cost. The Pharaoh hound $1200 to $2000,

The Bengal
This designer cat is a cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, which means it has a much wilder look than your average house cat. It has a higher price tag, too. The Bengal cost starts at $650 to $800,

The Samoyed
These Siberian dogs used to pull sleds but are now popular as upper-class pets. And after paying a premium for a puppy, you'll have to spend time and money maintaining that beautiful white coat. The Samoyed cost $900,

The chimpanzee
These animals can live for up to 60 years in captivity, which means you'd have a companion for most of your life. Not all states allow chimps to be kept as pets but what would you have to pay to get one? The Chimpanzee cost $25,000 to $60,000,

Your pet, cloned
Some people love their pets so much that they bring them back from the dead. A Florida couple spent a huge sum to clone their much-loved Labrador retriever after it died of cancer. Other dog owners have traveled to South Korea to have their pets cloned. pet cloning cost about $155,000,
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