IQ scores of famous people

IQ scores of famous people
IQ scores of famous people, IQ measures intelligence and in general, whether someone is of average, below average or above average intellect. Check out the rumored high and low scores of some well-known individuals. 
Johann Sebastian Bach
Legendary composer and musician Bach reportedly had the same IQ score as another famous composer. Johann Sebastian Bach played the organ, harpsichord, violin and viola, Johann Sebastian Bach's IQ was 165,

George W. Bush
Although Bush was subjected to this Internet hoax about his supposedly low IQ, other reports suggest his IQ is above average. George W. Bush's IQ is 125, George W. Bush has been married to Laura for 34 years, George W. Bush was head cheerleader in high school,

Asia Carrera
Former adult film actress Carrera might surprise you with her level of intelligence. Asia Carrera's IQ is 156,

Bill Clinton
Former President Clinton has a higher-than-average IQ score, but how much higher? +Bill Clinton was U.S. President 1993-2001, Bill Clinton's IQ is 137, Bill Clinton was TIME magazine Person of the Year twice, in 1992 and 1998, bill clinton + vegan diet,

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton surpasses her husband in the marital race for the higher IQ, but how much higher does she reportedly score? Hillary Clinton's IQ is 140, It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us,

Geena Davis
Academy Award-winning actress Davis is a woman of many talents, proving her intelligence by becoming a member of this high IQ society. Geena Davis' IQ is 140, Geena Davis was a semi-finalist for Olympic Archery team, Geena Davis has been married 4 times, +Geena Davis is 6 ft tall,

Charles Dickens
English writer Dickens is at the top of the class with his IQ score. Charles Dickens' IQ was 180, Poets' Corner Westminster Abbey,

Albert Einstein
Referring to someone as "an Einstein" suggests he or she is smart, but how intelligent was the famous physicist and winner of this prestigious award? Albert Einstein won Nobel Prize in Physics, Albert Einstein won Nobel Prize in Physics, Albert Einstein developed the theory of general relativity, Albert Einstein became a U.S. citizen in 1940,

Jodie Foster
Foster helped prove her intelligence when she graduated magna cum laude from this top university. Jodie Foster's IQ is 132,

Stephen Hawking
It may come as no surprise that theoretical physicist Hawking is extremely intelligent, but how high is his IQ? Stephen Hawking's IQ is 160, Oxford University and Cambridge University, Stephen Hawking told he would live only 2-3 years when diagnosed with motor neuron disease,

Reggie Jackson
Retired Major League Baseball right fielder Jackson matches Stephen Hawking's high IQ score. Reggie Jackson's IQ is 160, Reggie Jackson's nickname is Mr. October, Reggie Jackson inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993,

Nicole Kidman
Australian actress Kidman has been nominated for and won numerous awards for acting over the years and her IQ score proves she could probably master a number of other professions as well. Nicole Kidman's IQ is 132,

Scott Levy
Professional wrestler Levy has one of the highest IQs of those mentioned thus far and is a member of high IQ society Mensa. Scott Levy's IQ is 143,

According to reports, we can add near-genius to Madonna's list of accomplishments, which already includes singer, actress, director, designer and author. Madonna designs clothes with daughter Lourdes, Madonna's IQ is 140, Madonna married twice to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie,

Jayne Mansfield
It might surprise you to know just how high an IQ the voluptuous, blond sex symbol Mansfield had. Jayne Mansfield's IQ is 149, Jayne Mansfield died at 34 in New Orleans car crash,

Steve Martin
Funnyman Martin often plays ridiculous characters but his IQ score is no laughing matter. Steve Martin's IQ is 142,

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Does Schwarzenegger's IQ match his muscle-man persona or his politician persona? Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California 2003-2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger's IQ is 135, Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr Olympia 7 times, schwarzenegger wants to reconcile with shriver,

South American singer Shakira reportedly boasts a superior IQ. Shakira's IQ is 140,

O.J. Simpson
Former professional football player Simpson's IQ score isn't above average, but it might not be as low as you think. O. J. Simpson played for the Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers, OJ Simpson's IQ is 89, o. j. simpson sentenced for armed robbery,

Britney Spears
Does the pop star fit the ditzy-blonde stereotype or does her brain match her beauty? Britney Spears' IQ is 104, Britney Spears breaks engagement to manager Jason Trawick,

Sharon Stone
The IQ of Sharon Stone has been a subject of debate for years, with Stone previously claiming to be a member of high-IQ society Mensa James Blackstone of MENSA says Sharon Stone is not a member, Sharon Stone's IQ is 154,

Quentin Tarantino
Notable director Tarantino reportedly matches Albert Einstein's genius-level IQ score. Quentin Tarantino's IQ is 160, Quentin Tarantino dropped out of high school at age 15,

Marilyn vos Savant
Magazine columnist and author vos Savant may have the highest IQ ever recorded and is honored by the Guinness Book of World Records for this fact. Marilyn Vos Savant's IQ is 228,

Andy Warhol
Did Warhol's IQ match the strength of his art? Many people find his score hard to believe. Andy Warhol's rumored IQ is 86, Carnegie Institute of Technology, part of Carnegie Mellon,
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