Famous People Who Didn't Graduate High School

Famous People Who Didn't Graduate High School
Famous People Who Didn't Graduate High School - If you're a true Belieber, you'll know that this pop superstar Justin Bieber graduated from high school. Although he chose to juggle work and school Justin Bieber graduated high school for mom, many stars do not. Scroll through to see some surprising high school dropouts surprising high school dropouts. famous people who didn't graduate high school, justin bieber graduated high school for mom, surprising high school dropouts,
English singer-actress from Surrey: An English rose Julie Andrews
About: This British singer-actress got her start on Broadway in 1954 the boy friend musical before making the move to feature films, starring first in a classic children's movie Mary Poppins. She star with in 1956's made-for-TV movie 'High Tor' bing crosby.

Jazz musician nicknamed Pops: A jazz legend Louis Armstrong
About: This jazz musician grew up poor in the slums of New Orleans, Louisiana dropping out of school at age 11 to sing in a quartet and work odd jobs before eventually becoming one of the greatest trumpet players of all time. Sent to reform school at age 12 Louis Armstrong reform school shooting gun.

Top German tennis player: A tennis great Boris Becker
About: This famous tennis player dropped out of school in 10th grade to turn pro. Hint: He won this Grand Slam tournament wimbledon at age 17 and seven months. Nickname did he reject early on in his career boom boom nickname.

Best catcher in baseball: A baseball MVP Yogi Berra
About: This baseball legend dropped out of school in eighth grade and, after a stint in the Navy, went on to play nearly 19 years with this team new york yankees. World War II battle did he partake in d-day invasion at omaha beach.

Virgin group founder: A high-flying businessman Richard Branson
About: This ├╝ber-successful businessman dropped out of school at age 16 to focus on his magazine. He now has more than 400 companies, including a record store chain, virgin megastores and a top airline virgin airlines. Learning disability does he have dyslexia.

Greatest blind blues musician: An influential musician Ray Charles
About: This rhythm and blues pianist-singer, deemed one of the greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, dropped out of school to play live music in Jacksonville, Fla. , he go blind at a young age glaucoma.

Netscape cofounder: A Silicon Valley tycoon James H Clark Netscape
About: This computer scientist dropped out of high school at the age 17 and joined the Navy. He went on to found Silicon Graphics and co-found Netscape, among other ventures. College was he an engineering professor stanford.

Best-selling English novelist: A best-selling novelist Jackie Collins
About: This best-selling English novelist, who has a famous sister Joan Collins, was expelled from school at age 15. She published her first romance novel in the late '60s and has had many on the New York Times Best Seller List since then. , she throw her school uniform after getting expelled River Thames, London.

English music producer & television personality: A media tycoon Simon Cowell
About: This "X Factor" host, TV producer and all-around media mogul Elstree hertfordshire moved from school to school due to behavior issues before finally dropping out at age 16. His dad got him a job in the music industry, and he worked his way up the ladder from there. , his first job mail room clerk for EMI music publishing.

'People's Princess': English royalty Princess Diana
About: The "People's Princess" maiden name Diana Spencer was a below-average student, dropping out at age 16. She married into the royal family four years later, with 750 million people tuning in to the televised ceremony. , she die tragically in 1997 Paris, France.

Best Yankee center fielder: A baseball great Joe Dimaggio
About: This center fielder played for this American League team new york yankees dropped out of high school at age 16 to pursue a career in baseball. He still holds the record for the longest hitting streak 56 game hitting streak. Iconic actress was he married Marilyn Monroe.

American celebrity chef: A celebrity chef Bobby Flay
About: This Food Network chef dropped out of high school at age 17 to go into the food service industry. It may have been a smart move — he worked his way up after attending this culinary school french culinary institute and is now the proud owner of 12 restaurants. , one of his first jobs Baskin Robbins.

Boxer turned entrepreneur: A boxer-turned-entrepreneur George Foreman
About: This boxer, a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, was a rebellious youngster Houston, Texas who smoked, drank and mugged people before finally dropping out of junior high to start boxing. , he name all of his sons george foreman kids names, Freeda Foreman · George Foreman III · George Foreman IV · George Foreman Jr. · George Foreman V · George Foreman VI.

British singer from Pinner: A world-renowned singer Elton John
About: This British singer Pinner London didn't need a high school diploma to make his mark on the world. In his four-decade career, he's become one of the best-selling artists of all time on his Vegas show million dollar piano Las Vegas. his godson sean lennon.

Most successful Cincinnati businessman: A billionaire businessman Carl Lindner
About: One of the world's richest people before he passed away in 2011, this businessman Cincinnati, Ohio dropped out of high school at age 14 the great depression. He later turned his family's business united dairy farmers into a chain of convenience stores.baseball team was he part owner Cincinnati reds.

Supporting actor Oscar 'Godfather II': An accomplished actor Robert De Niro
About: This esteemed actor, the dad in this classic comedy Meet the Parents, got the acting bug playing this character cowardly lion in his school production of "The Wizard of Oz." He dropped out of high school at age 16 to focus on acting. his childhood nickname de niro nickname bobby milk.

New Zealand film director actor producer: A top movie director Peter Jackson
About: This renowned film director, director of this hugely successful sci-fi trilogy lord of the rings, dropped out of school at age 16 to work as an apprentice at a newspaper. his first full-length film Bad Taste.

ABC news anchor dies 67: A famous news anchor Peter Jennings
About: This newscaster Toronto, Canada, who anchored ABC's "World News Tonight" until his death in 2005, dropped out of school after he failed 10th grade. his death lung cancer.

'Harry Potter' lead actor: One of film's top wizards Daniel Radcliffe
About: This actor London, United Kingdom shot to fame at age 11 when the first film of this hugely popular series harry potter came out. He kept up with his school work until age 17, then finally called it quits.

Oil tycoon from Richford: An oil tycoon John d Rockefeller
About: This oil tycoon he help found standard oil company dropped out of high school just shy of graduation rockefeller dropped out two months graduation. He went on to become the world's first recorded billionaire. , planet was named after him asteroid 904 Rockefellia.

Fast food tycoon & philanthropist: A fast food genius Dave Thomas Wendys
About: This entrepreneur, who started a popular fast food chain hobby house restaurant, dropped out of school at age 15 to work full time in a restaurant hobby house restaurant. fast food chain was he involved early in his career kentucky fried chicken.

Most successful rapper: A rapper-turned-businessman Jay Z
About: This rapper grew up in the projects of this New York borough, selling drugs and eventually dropping out of high school. He's now one of the most successful hip-hop artists of all time; he's also married to People's 'Most Beautiful Person'. Jay Z, name did he give his daughter blue ivy carter.

Inventor of film roll: A picture-perfect innovator George Eastman,
About: This entrepreneur, who dropped out of school at age 14, invented roll film, making photography available to the masses. He also founded this multinational company. inventor of film roll,

Famous chef from Austria: A world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck Governors Ball
About: This famous chef quit school at a young age to train in this European nation, moving to the United States at age 25. famous chef from austria, 

Irish playwright: An Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw
About: This famous playwright dropped out of school at age 14 to teach himself. He went on to write more than 60 plays, as well as many other literary works. irish playwright, national gallery of dublin,

Former star of 'Newlyweds': A former 'Newlywed' Jessica-Simpson
About: This multimillionaire dropped out of school in 1997 to focus on her singing career, really getting noticed as half of MTV's "Newlyweds." She's now a new mom with wildly successful clothing and shoe brands. former star of newlyweds, newlyweds reality show, baby maxwell drew johnson, mickey mouse club,
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