Family Crime Rings

Family Crime Rings
Family Crime Rings, From mom-and-pop pot empires, to relatives who’ve banded together for more heinous plots, some family trees have some rotten roots. These criminal clans prove that freckles, red hair and cleft chins are not the only kinds of traits that run in the family.

The Barker Gang
Brothers “Doc” and Fred Barker remained wanted men throughout the Depression Era. With the help of a penitentiary pal, the Barkers were implicated in a slew of burglaries, bank robberies and kidnappings. The FBI gunned down Fred and the family matriarch in 1935. Arthur Barker killed Alcatraz escape, Ma Barker Florida house on the market, Lloyd Barker Herman Barker

The Barrow Gang
Movie buffs likely remember Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow thanks to the award-winning film version of their exploits. Though the Depression Era couple got all the attention, the infamous bank robbing murderers were part of a family act, which included Clyde’s brother, “Buck,” and his wife, Blanche. Authorities took Bonnie and Clyde out in a well-known gun battle. Buck Barrow gunshot wounds pneumonia, Blanche Barrow ten-year prison sentence, My Life With Bonnie and Clyde, Lifetime Bonnie & Clyde miniseries

The Berenguer Family
The three Berenguer brothers — Robert, Carlos and Aristides — owned and ran Miami-area medical equipment and outpatient rehab facilities that participated in a health care Compounding Aerosol Scheme fraud that racked up big bucks Berenguer Medicare $1.4 million from 2001 to 2007. Berenguer 57 months in prison Medicare fraud, Ivan Berenguer Medicare fraud.

The Campbell Family
From 2006 to 2010, brothers Frederick and Alex Campbell moved hundreds of pounds of marijuana from their Florida home base to California (how’d they do it? Campbell brothers marijuana UPS and FedEx). Their mother and sister were also implicated. Jacksonville brothers 16 years in prison drug and gun charges, Frederick Campbell Jacksonville Wolfson High School.

The Castano Family Myriam Valencia Queens cocaine
Police arrested Jose Castano and his wife, Myriam Valencia, at their home, charging the Queens couple with running a cocaine ring for an estimated two decades, lasting from the 1980s to 2008. Along with their 17-year-old son and 22-year-old daughter, the couple reportedly sold drugs to undercover cops on nine separate occasions. Jose Castano $7,000 worth of drugs.

The Dougherty Siblings
In 2011, Lee Grace Dougherty (her M.O.? Lee Dougherty “causing mayhem with my siblings”), her brother and their half-brother led authorities on a cross-country manhunt after they robbed a bank, shot at police and were suspected of two car thefts in Utah. A tipster eventually spotted them shopping for ammo. Where were they nabbed? Daugherty siblings Georgia bank robbery, Dougherty gang fired 20 shots at a police officer Florida, Dougherty gang AK-47 ammunition Walmart, Dougherty gang Colorado City, CO, Dylan Dougherty 32-year sentence, Dougherty gang among them 74 years, Dougherty gang 20 prior felonies,

The Elreda Family
After a two-year investigation, Bell, Calif., resident Ali Khalil Elreda operation bell bottoms, his brother Mohamad Elreda Bell drug trafficking, sister Susanne Elreda Bell drug trafficking and nine others were arrested for drug trafficking and selling counterfeit clothing (‘hood cocaine ring Los Angeles Fashion District), as well as for money laundering, in the early 2000s. The feds gave their investigation of the family a punny nickname Ali Khalil Elreda Operation Bell Bottoms.
Elreda + Bell $123,000 cash cocaine hundreds of thousands of dollars in counterfeit clothing, Ali Khalil Elreda Los Angeles International Airport, Ali Khalil Elreda attempting to smuggle funds in a toy.

The Guerena Family
In January 2013, Alejandro Ortiz Guerena was arrested for allegedly heading up a multimillion-dollar drug ring Alejandro Guerena at least $4.9 million worth of marijuana in Arizona. His wife Pauline Guerena drug trafficking, his brother Gerardo Guerena drug trafficking, Gerardo, and a few in-laws were all suspected to be in cahoots in the enterprise.
Alejandro Guerena fled to Hermosillo, Mexico, Jose Guerena Iraq War veteran killed by SWAT

The Kray Twins
The Kray Twins, Reginald and Ronald, were notorious for running an expansive underworld crime ring in this London neighborhood during the 1950s and ’60s. Their older brother Charlie Kray, Jr. was one of many associates. “Britain’s best-known gangsters” Krays Britain’s best-known gangsters were involved in a laundry list of crimes, including murder. Kray Twins Jack “The Hat” McVitie George Cornell,
Kray Brothers life in prison,
Ronnie died in 1995 Ronald Kray heart attack
Reggie died in 2000 Reginald Kray cancer
Kray Twins prison paintings auction their prison creations were auctioned in 2012

The Landfried Brothers Noah Landfried drug ring
Noah Landfried and his older brother, Ross, were sentenced for running an interstate drug distribution ring that ran large quantities of marijuana Landfried 5,200 pounds of marijuana from Mexico to their home turf from 2002 to 2007. Eleven others were convicted along with the brothers.
Noah Landfried + life in prison marijuana distribution

The Mohler Family
In November 2009, Burrell Mohler, four of his sons and his brother, Darrel, made major headlines. They were arrested on allegations of child sexual abuse, forced weddings and other unspeakable crimes during the mid-’80s to mid-’90s. Who were the alleged victims? Mohler family arrested alleged victims were relatives.
Mohler family charges dismissed, Burrell Mohler charges dropped prosecutor doubted she could convince jury.

The Nejloveanu Family
Romanian-born Marius Nejloveanu and his father, Bogdan, stood accused of fronting a sex trafficking ring in the UK in the late 2000s. According to authorities, Marius even tried to enlist the help of his mother once the odds were against him. The elder man received a six-year sentence. Marius Nejloveanu phoned mother to ask for help in bribing victims.
Marius Nejloveanu 21 years in prison, Marius Nejloveanu longest sentence for trafficking, Marius Nejloveanu cousin.

The Phrakousonh Family
In 2010, San Diego’s Chansamone Phrakousonh (his native home?) was busted for running a methamphetamine distribution ring that included his brother, sister and parents. His arrest was the result of a two-year FBI investigation.
Chansamone Phrakousonh 135 months, Phrakousonh father of a 19-month-old boy + dead in a dumpster,

The Tavena Family Tavena beer for drugs ring
The Tavenas — five cousins and siblings — terrorized convenience stores in this Southwestern city in 2010. Antonio Tavena led the gang that stole $7,000 worth of beer and re-sold it on the streets or traded it for drugs. Their crimes may sound relatively like chump change, but the family incurred a long list of charges.
Tempe 5 family members 93 felony charges
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