Chandra Johnson Bob Dylan Cover

Chandra Johnson Bob Dylan Cover
Chandra Johnson Bob Dylan Cover, Chandra Johnson Bob Dylan Cover wife Chandra pose for recreation of Bob Dylan album cover, Jimmie Johnson is a Bob Dylan fan, he and his wife, Chandra, have a home in New York’s West Village and, despite what NASCAR fans may think, he can be a bit hip.

So Johnson, NASCAR’s five-time Sprint Cup champion, decided to take on the look of his favorite musical artist in ESPN The Magazine’s “The Music Issue,” which comes out

Johnson and Chandra posed for photos recreating Dylan’s iconic Freewheelin album cover. Johnson tweeted the photos on Wednesday.

"I've always been a Dylan fan, and I thought I could make myself look like him,” he said in the magazine and on “And we live in the West Village, very close to where the album cover was shot. So rather than hiring an actress, it just made sense that my wife, Chani, would be the girl [Dylan's then-girlfriend, Suze Rotolo]. I basically committed her without telling her."

The issue features other athletes posing for album covers from their favorite artists. Motocross star James Stewart poses as Rick James while NFL stars Trent Richardson, Marshawn Lynch and LaMarr Woodley pose as Run DMC.

Johnson also was asked to put together his favorite playlist, which includes tunes by Dylan, Black Keys, MumFord & Sons, the Avett Brothers, Tom Petty, Jack Johnson, Neil Young, Dave Matthews Band and Eddie Vedder.
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