Celebrity Affairs: They Married The Other Person

Celebrity Affairs: They Married The Other Person
Celebrity Affairs: They Married The Other Person, Celebrity affairs, brandi glanville + eddie and leann "spitting mad", The rumor mill is still buzzing for musician LeAnn Rimes, who married actor Eddie Cibrian in 2011; the couple began a relationship in 2009, while both were still married to other people. Cibrian's ex-wife, reality TV-star Brandi Glanville, hasn't been one to move on easily.
Of course, Rimes and Cibrian aren't the first cheaters to end up with the "other person." Click through to see other high-profile affairs that ended in so-called wedded bliss. brandi glanville + eddie and leann "spitting mad",

Tiki Barber
The former NFL running back reportedly left his longtime wife – who was pregnant with twins at the time – for a much-younger NBC intern in 2010. tiki barber + traci johnson married, tiki barber + snubbed by NFL,

Ingrid Bergman
The three-time Oscar winner was already married with one child when she shocked Hollywood with her scandalous affair with a married film director in 1950. ingrid bergman three oscars, ingrid bergman + Petter Lindström, Robertino, Isabella and Ingrid rossellini, ingrid bergman scandal,

Humphrey Bogart

The Oscar-winning actor was in his mid-40s – and married – when he met the teen actress who would become his mistress on the set of this movie in 1944. bacall married 12 years until bogart's death,

Eddie Fisher
The 1950s crooner was still married to actress Debbie Reynolds when he left her for her best friend in 1959. elizabeth taylor left eddie fisher for richard burton, debbie reynolds forgave elizabeth taylor,

Newt Gingrich

The outspoken critic of President Bill Clinton left his second wife (reportedly a mistress herself) in 1999 for a three-decades-younger congressional clerk he had been cheating with for several years. newt gingrich + clinton impeachment, newt gingrich affair with Marianne Ginther 1980,

Rudy Giuliani
The former New York City mayor was still married to his second wife when he started showing up at public events with another woman. rudy giuliani second cousin regina peruggi,

Ethan Hawke
The "Training Day" star was still married to his "Gattaca" co-star and mother of his two children when he reportedly began a relationship in 2004 with someone very close to their family. ryan shawhughes + nanny, ethan hawke and ryan shawhughes baby two,

King Henry VIII

The British monarch married Catherine of Aragon in 1509 but left her for a maid of honor when Catherine failed to produce a male heir. henry viii ruled 1509-1547, british royal maid of honour, anne boleyn execution after 3 years of marriage, henry viii wives,

Marvin Mandel
The married governor shocked constituents in 1973 when he announced he was in love with another woman. barbara mandel refused to leave governor's mansion, marvin mandel wife jeanne dies at 64, marvin mandel sentenced to jail,

John McCain
The Republican senator returned to his first wife in 1973 after nearly six years as a prisoner of war but left her six years later for a much younger teacher from a wealthy family.

Steve McQueen
The "King of Cool" was at the height of his Hollywood fame when left his wife of 15 years to be with his younger, up-and-coming co-star in a 1972 movie. steve mcqueen and ali mcgraw divorced in 1978, steve mcqueen died after surgery,

Prince Charles
The future king of England – whose 1981 wedding to Diana Spencer was a global spectacle – reportedly carried on an affair for years with a woman he met at a polo match in 1970. camilla duchess of cornwall, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded,

LeAnn Rimes
The country singer wed a backup dancer in 2002, but the marriage was over by 2009 amid reports of an affair with her Lifetime movie co-star. mark sanford hiking appalachian trail, mark sanford engaged to maria belen chapur, mark sanford fox news, jenny sanford staying true,

Mark Sanford
The then-married former governor made headlines when he was reported missing and upon his return, confessed to spending time with his mistress abroad. mark sanford hiking appalachian trail, mark sanford engaged to maria belen chapur,

Tori Spelling
The "Beverly Hills, 90210" actress was still married to Charlie Shanian when she made a love connection with her co-star in a 2005 Lifetime movie. tori spelling fourth child,

Elizabeth Taylor
The oft-married actress, elizabeth taylor and richard burton married and divorced twice, left husband Eddie Fisher – who left his spouse in 1959 for Taylor – in 1964 to began a turbulent relationship with her "Cleopatra" co-star. elizabeth taylor married eight times, elizabeth taylor and richard burton married and divorced twice, lindsay lohan liz and dick,

Donald Trump

marla maples married to donald trump six years, The outspoken reality-show star and entrepreneur – now married to wife no. 3 – reportedly began a relationship in the late 1980s with a then-unknown “actress” while still married to his first wife. marla maples married to donald trump six years, ivana trump confronted marla maples in aspen,
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