911 Call Bigfoot

911 Call Bigfoot
911 Call Bigfoot, Last week police in Altoona, Penn., got a 911 call from a man claiming he had proof of Bigfoot. Here’s a partial transcript of the police recording:

Person 1: “[an individual] called 911 advising that he contacted the Game Commission to call him back; wants a police officer to come to his residence. Apparently he has proof there of Bigfoot.”

Officer: “Bigfoot, right?”

Person 1: “That’s affirmative, he has evidence, uh … proving Bigfoot. He would like a police officer to come there.”

Officer: “Apparently there’s a large amount of smoke in that area…”

Smoke or no, a police officer was dispatched to the man’s residence. What he found there would become a matter of dispute and speculation over the next few days. Bigfoot enthusiasts heard about the incident and various rumors soon circulated, including that a hunter had shot and killed a Bigfoot, and that the presence of a dead unknown manlike creature in Somerset County had been “confirmed” — by who or what is not clear.

Whatever was going on attracted the attention of somebody important, because a helicopter was reportedly seen hovering over the witness’s home. Was it the news media? Federal agents assigned to retrieve the Bigfoot and silence witnesses? A false-flag operation initiated by the Obama administration to take away the rights of law-abiding hunters and gun owners?
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