Osbourne split rumors

Osbourne split rumors
Osbourne split rumors, are topping celebrity news headlines this evening, as TMZ first reported this Monday, April 15, that while no divorce plans are allegedly on the horizon, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are temporarily going their separate ways.

The headline reading, “Trouble in Oz: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne split rumors”, Extra TV noted that talk of the long-lived and long-loved Osbourne couple are at least living apart.
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According to sources from the site, Sharon Osbourne is living alone right now at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Ozzy, meanwhile, is staying at a rented home a few miles away from his wife for the time being.

The Osbourne split rumors first began after the two were spotted living in separate places. Initial reports claimed that the rocker couple weren’t in the family home together earlier this 2013 due to upkeep and renovations, but TMZ has alleged that Sharon and Ozzy are officially living separately for now.

There are again no divorce rumors on the horizon. The temporarily split couple have been married for over 31 years — an incredibly long time for a celebrity duo — and have 3 children together.

Would you be similarly sad to see an end to Ozzy and Sharon's enduring relationship?

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Source: Examiner
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