Kris Humphries sued

Kris Humphries sued
Kris Humphries sued, Kris Humphries sued,Kris Humphries is now being sued for ripping off a suit shop in Beverly Hills. The estranged husband of Kim Kardashian just can't catch a break. On April 11, TMZ reported that the suit shop says Kris got thousands of dollars in suits from them, but didn't keep up with his end of the deal.

Kris was supposed to be bringing them in big NBA names to shop at the store. He was supposed to help them out in return for the suits, but he never brought them anything at all. He did not do what he promised at all but of course he kept the thousands of dollars' worth of suits.

They gave Kris a 30% discount in exchange for 2 NBA players within 12 months but that didn't happen. They were never helped out by Kris Humphries at all. He also did not pay for over $6,000 in suits that he still owes them money for and needs to pay. In total they want over $52,000 from Kris Humphries in the lawsuit.
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