Google April Fool's jokes

Google April Fool's jokes
Google April Fool's jokes, Here we are, April Fool’s Day again, which means you can’t trust any announcements from the tech world until at least tomorrow.

Nevertheless, many are having fun with it, creating weird and wonderful items that could, in our wildest dreams, come to life. After all, the iCade arcade cabinet for the iPad started out as a joke on Think Geek, and has spawned a whole line of arcade play peripherals for your mobile devices. In fact, many of Think Geek’s previous gag items have been turned into real products you can still buy.

But no one is quicker to get in on the joke than Google, who has yet again come up with their “newest” flagship product on April 1: Google Nose.

That’s right, for all of you who hope to explore the world through Smell-O-Vision, you can now use your Android device to identify smells like “new car,” “inside an Egyptian tomb” or “a ghost.” I’m waiting for the Google Glass peripheral that will allow for Google Nose integration when Glass is made widely available later this year.

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