Dennis Rodman fired

Dennis Rodman fired
Dennis Rodman fired, Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was fired on last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice. But with his teammate, Trace Adkins admitting that the group lost because of a mistake that he made, did Donald Trump make the right call in the boardroom?

Is it possible that Donald Trump made a mistake?

Last night on NBC‘s Celebrity Apprentice, Teams Power and Plan B were tasked with creating advertising campaigns for Trump’s wife, Melania’s skincare line. As usual, the competition was fierce, but the winner of the challenge was decided by one letter….

On the signage for their campaign, Team Power misspelled Trump’s name (it’s Melania, not Milania!), ruining their chance for a win. Though Plan B team member, Stephen Baldwin was able to quickly point out the error, no one on Team Power realized it; that is, until it was too late.

So who’s at fault?

According to Trace Adkins, the mistake was his, as he was a part of the design process, BUT as Project Manager, it was Rodman’s duty to proof all of the artwork and sign off on it…which he did — not noticing the misspelling at all.

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