CVS racist slur

CVS racist slur
CVS racist slur, A Korean American woman is suing CVS over a racist slur found on her receipt. The New Jersey resident sued the retail pharmacy Tuesday for racial discrimination and is seeking $1M in punitive damages. Hyun Lee claims an employee with the company referred to her as "Ching Chong" on the sales receipt, citing an April 18 ABC News report.

Lee, 37, an immigrant, said she went into an Egg Harbor store to pick up photos that were developed. Later, when she was back at home, she observed on her sales receipt that the cashier typed the name, Ching Chong Lee instead of her stated name. Reported Examiner...

After complaining to store management about the CVS racist slur, Lee received an apology and was told the worker will be counseled and trained.

Not satisfied with the response, Lee sued the company.

Susan Chana Lask, her attorney said her client will not return as a customer until the worker is fired or removed from the store.

Michael DeAngelis, a spokesperson for the company provided this statement to the media over the alleged racist slur:

"CVS/pharmacy is committed to treating all of our customers with dignity and respect. We have a firm non-discrimination policy. While the allegations in the complaint are not in keeping with our values or our policies, we cannot comment on a matter involving pending litigation."

"Honestly, I'm just horrified about this whole thing, not because I'm Asian, because I'm equal American...In this day and age, this should not happen," Lee told reporters.

Lask said that her client is suffering from emotional stress and still dealing with mental anguish over the alleged incident. She added that if CVS was serious about the racially-charged slur, it would have a zero-tolerance policy.
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