Actors who played sick in movies

Actors who played sick in movies
Actors who played sick in movies, Ashton Kutcher made headlines when he was hospitalized after adopting Steve Jobs’ unusual diet habits while preparing to star in the biopic “Jobs,” in theaters April 19. But he’s not the only movie star to have suffered for his art. From extreme weight loss to broken ribs, here’s a look at what other actors went through to depict illness onscreen.

50 Cent
The rapper says he's serious about becoming an actor, and his prep work for this 2011 drama showed that he wasn't joking. Fiddy, who starred under his real name underwent brutal preparation for his role as a football player who gets cancer. 50 cent lost 54 pounds + All Things Fall Apart’,

Christian Bale
Actor Christian Bale isn't the first to play someone with the horrific psychological burden he portrayed in this 2004 psychological thriller (who else is famous for it?). But Bale's character's condition led to scary weight loss and possible psychosis. Bale lost 63 pounds for "the machinist",

Nicolas Cage
In this 1995 romantic drama," Nic Cage plays a screenwriter with a drinking problem who feels surrounded by failure, so he moves to Las Vegas with an unusual goal. nicolas cage "leaving las vegas" + drinks himself to death, nicolas cage "leaving las vegas" + binge-drinking,

Julie Christie
Julie Christie plays a happily married, healthy woman in this 2007 film whose disease is slow to take hold, but as it does, it devastates her marriage. The film marked the feature-length film directorial debut of Sarah Polley, who was still in her twenties (how old?) when she adapted this Alice Munro story especially for Christie. "the bear came over the mountain" alice munro,

Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe received much praise for his portrayal of a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician in this Oscar-winning 2001 biographical drama. But it wasn't this real-life mathematician's academic brilliance that presented the heartbreak of the film; it was his serious mental illness. a beautiful mind,

Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewisfirst shot to global stardom in this 1989 film, based on the life of an Irish painter and writer who suffered from an extreme form of disability and was thought to be very mentally impaired. But by using the only limb he could move, he broke through communication barriers and became an international inspiration. daniel day-lewis + my left foot + broken rib from being in wheelchair,

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leo DiCaprio was just 19 when he got his first Oscar nomination and win for this 1993 drama. While many think his co-star (who?) gave the performance of a lifetime, it was DiCaprio's portrayal of a disabled teen that captured critics' attention. What's Eating Gilbert Grape + leo dicaprio + best supporting actor, leonardo dicaprio + mentally disabled + what's eating gilbert grape,

Sally Field
Sally Field won an Emmy for her dramatic role in this 1976 TV movie. Her character, Sybil, reportedly suffered from a mental illness that gained notoriety in the '60s and '70s. sally field + best actress emmy + sybil,

Andy Garcia
Movies have often been criticized for showing the glamour of smoking, but none of the ill effects. This 1991 time-travel thriller co-starring these once-married Brit stars, does just that: Co-star Andy Garcia is shown smoking constantly, and his habit has taken its toll on the character by the end of the film. andy garcia "dead again" + smoking through tracheotomy hole,

Tom Hanks
In Jonathan Demme's 1993 drama, Tom Hanks plays a homosexual lawyer who's secretly fighting AIDS. tom hanks lost 26 pounds for Philadelphia film,

Dustin Hoffman
In this 1988 drama, Dustin Hoffman played the disabled brother of a character portrayed by Tom Cruise. The screenplay was based on the life of Kim Peek, who suffered from a high-profile mental disorder. Hoffman was critically acclaimed for the role, taking home his second Oscar for his performance. kim peek + rain main inspiration,

Angelina Jolie
Jolie won an Oscar for her role as Lisa, a troubled mental patient whose actual diagnosis is unclear, in this 1990 drama. Jolie's antics at the 2000 Oscars had many wondering if she had taken her role too far. angelina jolie girl interrupted + best Actress in a Supporting Role, angelina jolie french-kissed brother 2000 oscars, girl, interrupted + diagnosed sociopath + narcissist + borderline personality,

Ali MacGraw
The former model MacGraw and the hunky Ryan O'Neal play brainiacs from opposite sides of the tracks in this film version of a best-selling novel, where MacGraw's character falls ill during the course of the story. The memorable film also introduced one of the most popular film quotes in history. love story + "Love means never having to say you're sorry",

Matthew McConaughey
In this film, opening later this year, McConaughey plays a real-life drug-taking Texan, Ron Woodruff, who, in 1986, was diagnosed with HIV and given 30 days to live. McConaughey drastically altered his appearance to authentically play Woodruff. ron woodruff + hiv story, mcconaughey loses 30 pounds for dallas buyers club,

Julia Roberts
Before she exploded as a full-blown movie star (her breakthrough role?), Julia Roberts more than held her own with the all-star cast of this 1989 comedy-drama. Her pale, brittle appearance helped audiences believe her character Shelby's weakened condition, and her small but pivotal role led to her first Oscar nomination. julia roberts + best supporting actress nomination + steel magnolias,

Geoffrey Rush
In this 1996 biopic, Australian actor Geoffrey Rush plays David Helfgott, a real-life gifted pianist and prodigy who suffers from a mental condition. After the release of the film, Helfgott emerged from semiretirement to a sold-out international tour.

Jon Voight
Voight plays a Vietnam veteran in this 1978 film, loosely based on the memoirs of veteran Ron Kovic, upon whose life another film, starring Tom Cruise, would be based. coming home 1978,

Debra Winger
The 1983 film is based on a novel by this prolific American writer and traces the life of Emma, played by Winger; her mother, Aurora (who plays her?), and her philandering husband. winger battling cocaine addiction during terms of endearment filming,

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