5 die in rollover

5 die in rollover
5 die in rollover, Accident began to trend across major news headlines this weekend following a Border Patrol chase and eventual devastating crash, The Epoch Times reported this Sunday, April 21, 2013.

According to the latest updates from the Associated Press, five people were killed after their fleeing van toppled and rolled over on the highway in a Border Patrol pursuit late this Saturday night in southern Arizona.

Local officials confirmed that the 5 die in rollover headline came as a result of several of the passengers being killed in the van; the vehicle was in fact carrying a total of 22 people cramped inside.

The other 17 individuals in the Border Patrol chase were soon taken to local hospitals, although their conditions remain unknown at this point and time. The exact circumstances surrounding the pursuit of the van have not yet been identified, either.

The Arizona Border Patrol has not answered any calls for comment this Sunday, though more details are likely to unfold in the rollover later this week.
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