Soft drink ban

Soft drink ban
Soft drink ban, Americans aren't as thirsty for soft drinks as they used to be. And with tax proposals, looming bans, DIY soda machines, and consumers' increasing health consciousness on the rise, soda companies could be entering something of a dry spell, at least from the top-down.

As The Atlantic's Derek Thompson reported last month, soda industry revenues have plummeted by 40 percent over the last decade. A couple of trends — including the rise of coffee and energy drinks — led to the industry's present predicament. And if developing political, nutritional, and economic shifts tell us anything about soda's future, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola might have a lot to worry about, at least among influencers and at least in this country. Let's read the writing on the convenience store wall, portending a much less fizzy tomorrow for soda makers:

Soda bans are spilling over from New York
New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg continues to get flack for his scheduled ban on super-sized sodas (earlier this week the New York Post accused "Nanny Bloomberg" of ruining pizza parties and bottle service), but other parts of the U.S. think he's on to something. This week Bloomberg took his soda-squashing crusade to Albany, pushing governor Andrew Cuomo to implement the soda ban statewide. Cuomo's office hasn't responded to Bloomberg's suggestion yet, but the governor has supported the ban in the past, so it stands at least a chance of being considered throughout New York. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, city officials are mulling over a copy-cat ban, saying they'll "move slowly" on the proposed size limit for soda. Last year, a Los Angeles councilman proposed banning soda from parks and libraries. Residents of Fairfax County, Virginia, and West Virginia have moved to ban soda from public schools. While Bloomberg's plan remains the most aggressive, there's clearly momentum behind the idea that sodas should be regulated more.

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