Obamacare ‘kills’

Obamacare ‘kills’
Obamacare ‘kills’, Democrats have argued for weeks that the House GOP budget, which the House approved today, would hurt women and children. More broadly, Democrats have said Republicans are waging a "war on women," an argument they used in last year's election campaign.

But Bachmann explained that under the healthcare law that many call "ObamaCare," employers have an option of providing health insurance only to their employees, and not their families. She said women are two and a half times more likely to rely on their spouses for health insurance compared to men, and said business decisions to stop insuring families will fall hardest on women and their children.

She then said women and children who find themselves without health insurance would have trouble buying insurance at the state insurance exchanges.

"They can't go to a healthcare exchange because the healthcare exchange subsidies won't be available to the wife and children because the husband is covered," she said. "It's a bad, sneaky deal to pull on American women and on their children."

Bachmann added that women in this situation who lose their jobs would still be required to by insurance or face a fine under the law. In many cases, she said, they will find government-approved insurance plans too expensive, even though they do not qualify for Medicaid.

"Where are poor women supposed to go to buy health insurance they can afford? Not in the ObamaCare regime," she said. "Where is she supposed to go when her very sick child has lost his health insurance from the employer that his daddy provided for him because his daddy had a job, his daddy had health insurance?"

For other people, she said, the law would put people in three strata — the "Medicaid ghetto," socialized medicine, or "concierge care" for people at the top.

Bachmann said her faith is what drives her to continue to seek the repeal of the 2010 law, which was signed into law three years ago.

"I'm a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, and I believe that, as part of my duty as a believer in Christ and what he has done for me, that we should do for the least of those who are in our midst," she said. "That's my personal belief and my personal conviction.

"And that's why I want our government to create the space so that we can help people," she said.

Bachmann spoke on the floor with other Republicans in a series of speeches meant to mark the three-year anniversary of the healthcare law.
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