Mob Wives star Playboy

Mob Wives star Playboy
Mob Wives star Playboy, "Mob Wives" star Pia Rizza submitted nude cellphone photos to Playboy in hopes of landing a spread in the magazine, TMZ reports. The magazine's editors reportedly said "forgettaboutit!"

Yet Pia Rizza claims it's all a bunch of bologna.

"@tmz No I never sent in the pics or did I say I wanted to do playboy at this time," Rizza tweeted Monday.

According to TMZ, Pia leaked the sexy photos to the press when she found out someone else had acquired them and was planning on selling them to the media.

"Ouch!" wrote Twitter user Dee Goodie on Monday.

Chris Salink has a theory for Pia Rizza getting shot down.

"Maybe Playboy doesn't want to associated with the 'Mob Wives,'" Salink tweeted.

Twitter user MomsDirtySecret is appalled.

"Another celebrity trying to cash in on their nudity," MomsDirtySecret tweeted.

"Sorry, fellas. You won't be seeing Pia Rizza nude in Playboy any time," Alessandra Benedetti tweeted.

Last week, Pia shot down rumors she wants a Playboy spread.

"I'm 40 years old," Rizza said. "Do they ask 40-year-olds to do Playboy?"
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