Mariah Carey wardrobe malfunction

Mariah Carey wardrobe malfunction
Mariah Carey wardrobe malfunction, Sometimes they just want to pop out for a quick hello, you know? Mariah Carey was presenting long-time collaborator Jermaine Dupri with a birthday cake at So So Def's 20th anniversary concert in Atlanta on Sunday, and for a brief moment, Mimi's boob popped out. The mom of 22-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe was wearing a strapless cream dress with metallic studs that, evidently, didn't provide the support she needed. But hey, if I had to guess, Mariah Carey's nip slip was probably a highlight of the party. Peek-a-boo! I see you!

Two things I wanna say. One, her nipples are really high, and that's awesome for her. Sometimes I feel that mine ... aren't. And we've been trained to think that the perkier, the better, so good on Mariah for keeping things north of the equator.

Secondly, wearing a strapless dress with large breasts is not easy. In fact, it's not really worth it because it doesn't even look that good. When you've got big bazoombas, a strapless gown can make you look like you're just a solid wall of breast. A little lift and separation go a long way, something straplessness can't provide.

And the lack of support on heavy breasts is a recipe for a nip slip -- dresses like Mariah's are pretty much begging for it. And that's fine! I don't care if your nip pops out. I guess it's just something to be conscious of if you're going to rock a tube dress.

Listen, as long as Mariah's nipple doesn't have a slipple on Idol, all's well that ends well.
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