Lohan house arrest

Lohan house arrest
Lohan house arrest, A Lindsay Lohan house arrest plea deal was making headlines national celebrity news tonight, as TMZ reported this Saturday, March 9, that Lindsay Lohan has been offered a “unique option” in her plea deal. According to sources, the troubled star was offered to be under house arrest for her probation violation case and lying to police, but LiLo is allegedly not taking the deal.

Under the headline, “Lohan house arrest: Lindsay Wants to Reject Offer”, insiders add this weekend that city attorneys have lessened their positions on Lindsay Lohan’s charges. Rather than sending her to a 90-day lockdown rehab center, Lohan instead could take a three month house arrest instead.

Lilo’s lawyer, Mark Heller, has reportedly told prosecutors that Lohan may take an unknown amount of time on house arrest, though he seems to be working a set time out with those prosecutors at the moment.

The issue, however, seems to be that in the Lindsay Lohan house arrest case, the former child star is “adamant” against going to jail or going under house arrest. She doesn’t want to “deal” with any punishment at all and “just move forward”, quotes TMZ.

If Lindsay Lohan does end up going to trial this March 18 and is convicted of her charges of lying to an officer and violating her probation, concludes the sources, she could face several months to even years of jail time.

But now its believed that lindsay Lohan wants to reject the plea and wants to proceed to trail
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