Jennifer Lopez Demands A White Room, White Flowers, White Tables

Jennifer Lopez Demands A White Room, White Flowers, White Tables, White Drapes And White Couches
Jennifer Lopez Demands A White Room, White Flowers, White Tables, White Drapes And White Couches, Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest divas in the world, but does her famous derriere really require a customized toilet seat? According to a recent rumor, J-Lo is a “clean-freak” that travels with a toilet seat her ex Ben Affleck gave to her.

The jewel-encrusted toilet cover was said to fit any throne that Queen Jenny encountered during her travels. She also allegedly uses toilet paper made out of cashmere, clogging every toilet that she uses.

As fun as it is imagining Casper Smart lugging around J-Lo’s sparkly loo cover and laying it down for his lady, it turns out there’s no truth to this crazy story – J-Lo’s rep told Gossip Cop that the rumor is false. But there’s no word on if it gave Kim Kardashian any bright ideas. Jennifer has been known to make known to make some pretty crazy demands in the past, and she certainly seems to like things looking clean.

According to Forbes, she once requested a white room with white flowers, white tables and/or tablecloths, white drapes, white candles, and white couches. So if there was a speck of dirt around, she could easily spot it and have someone remove it for her.

And J-Lo’s special seat isn’t the only crazy diva demand that has recently made headlines – Madonna allegedly has a ”sterilization team” that is wiping up all of the DNA left in her dressing rooms during her MDNA tour. So maybe MDNA really stands for “Madonna’s DNA.”

At first you may think that Madge needs a clean-up crew because she’s murdering young girls and drinking their blood in order to stay looking young, but it’s her own DNA that she’s worried about leaving behind. So perhaps she’s actually worried about someone collecting it and cloning her (Lady Gaga, perhaps?). And just like J-Lo, the Queen of Pop has faced her fair share of tabloid tales involving toilet seats.

In 2006 Madge’s rep Liz Rosenburg defended the diva’s demand to have a brand new toilet seat at every concert she plays by saying, “Who wouldn’t want a new toilet seat wherever they go?” Then in 2008 there was a report that the material girl had all the toilets, showers, and sinks removed; scrubbed down; and reinstalled for her concert at the Palais Nakaia concert hall in Nice, France. So obviously J-Lo isn’t the biggest celebrity germaphobe.

But still, wouldn’t it just be easier for celebrities to have their own designer paper toilet seat covers made? They could even start their own lines to sell to fans that also freak out about sitting on germy johns.

So what do you think – would J-Lo be smart to protect herself from germs by demanding special toilet treatments like Madge, or are the Queen of Pop’s attempts at cleanliness too over-the-top?
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