Jay Leno retirement

Jay Leno retirement
Jay Leno retirement, Reports surfaced recently that NBC executives are exploring the option of replacing Jay Leno with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show when Leno's contract runs up in September 2014.

For those who follow these late night skirmishes, it seems like this is happening awfully soon after 2010's Leno/Conan Tonight Show debacle, in which Leno handed over his show and happily took it back less than a year later when his primetime talk show failed......splitsider.

NBC will probably keep Leno around longer than 2014, but the fact that they're starting to explore a post-Leno Tonight Show means the big transition isn't so far away.

It's likely, though, that this will be the last headline-grabbing talk show power struggle for a while because the late night landscape has changed so much the past few years. And it probably won't be a bloody battle like the last one given how super polite and new to the job Jimmy Fallon is.

Here are 9 reasons why Jay Leno's retirement – which has to happen eventually – will leave the late night world a much more peaceful place than it was when he got his show in 1992:
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