Flacco at McDonald's

Flacco at McDonald's
Flacco at McDonald's, Though it's hard for a guy who just signed the largest contract in NFL history (and has a lifetime supply of Gummy Bears) to portray himself as an Everyman, Joe Flacco is doing his best to seem like a normal Joe.

Like going to McDonald's after inking a $120 million contract, as one does.

Flacco visited a McDonald's in Aberdeen, Maryland shortly after signing his deal. And as ESPN's Darren Rovell helpfully notes, Flacco ordered a 10-piece McNugget meal, fries and an unsweetened tea for $6.99. Plus tax. As Flacco just announced his contract, which has $52 million guaranteed over the six-year term, he should be in good shape.

The Ravens QB got recognized by a customer, and posed for the photo you see at right. Nice chap, that Joe.

Flacco is, of course, not alone in celebrating a major career milestone at a drive-through window. A couple years back, Phil Mickelson visited an Augusta Krispy Kreme the morning after winning the Masters ... and he was still wearing the green jacket:

Don't get any glazing on that nice jacket, Phil. If "Athletes At Drive-Thrus" isn't a Tumblr yet, it ought to be. Somebody get on that.
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