Chris Brown explodes

Chris Brown explodes
Chris Brown explodes, R&B singer Chris Brown is reportedly still working away at his anger issues as new footage of him exploding on a valet parking lot employee in Los Angeles this week has now surfaced.

According to reports, Chris Breezy's issues stem from having to shell out ten dollars for a service charge.

Chris Brown turned his anger issues on a valet parker at a bowling alley in L.A. last night ... cussing at the guy over the $10 service charge ... and TMZ caught the whole thing on tape. It all went down at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City ... where CB had been attending a charity event with his posse. But when Chris went to get his car from the valet, the guy working the parking lot asked for the $10 charge ... and Chris got PISSED. After the valet made it clear he couldn't release the car without the cash ... the singer and his posse surrounded the guy ... and at one point you can hear Chris say, "F*ck ten dollars." (TMZ)
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