Cheerleader stretcher

Cheerleader stretcher
Cheerleader stretcher, Cheerleader stretcher exit. Injured Hawks cheerleader leaves court on stretcher, A cheerleader stretcher exit took place during an Atlanta Hawks game Monday (March 18). The injured cheerleader was placed on a stretcher and taken off the court after an accident took place during a performance in the second half.

According to a report from late Monday, the Hawks were taking on the Dallas Mavericks and the dancers took to the floor between the third and fourth quarters.......examiner.

During the dance performance, it was reported that one of the cheerleaders slipped and hit her head and neck on the floor. The cheerleader's first name is Kristen, but the team and her doctors did not release her last name. Paramedics were called to the Phillips Arena, where the game had to be delayed so that they could take her to Atlanta Medical Center. The good news is that she ended up being released later that night after she was examined by physicians.

A witness at the game stated that the other dancers didn't even notice that she had gone down and was unconscious on the court. The reality probably hit when she didn't get back up and it led to a stretcher taking the cheerleader off the court. It has not yet been revealed whether she will return to the sidelines for the next Atlanta Hawks home game.
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