Celebrity health scares

Celebrity health scares
Celebrity health scares, It's been a "scary" week in pop culture, with several celebrities in the news for various health scares. Justin Bieber was briefly hospitalized in London after feeling woozy during his concert tour. Morrissey cancelled a show in San Francisco over the weekend after being diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs. And Kelly Osbourne gave fans a scare when she suffered a seizure on the set of "Fashion Police" on March 7. justin bieber shirtless hospital picture justin bieber fainted backstage, justin bieber recovery from fainting, morrissey cancels San Francisco show, kelly osbourne + possible epilepsy,

Click through to see which other famous faces have given their fans cause for alarm, then use Bing to discover why.

Hillary Clinton
The former secretary of state made headlines over the holidays when she was hospitalized after Christmas last year. The condition stemmed from an earlier injury, when she had fainted and struck her head during a trip to Europe. Doctors said Clinton's condition did not result in a stroke or neurological damage, and she was treated with blood thinners. hillary clinton blood clot,

Kate Middleton
The long-anticipated news of a royal baby was eclipsed by concerns for Kate Middleton's health when she was hospitalized in London last year due to this rare pregnancy complication, which can cause severe dehydration and last throughout pregnancy. The hospitalization made international headlines in early December 2012 and forced the royal family to announce the pregnancy before the end of Middleton's first trimester. Kate Middleton hyperemesis gravidarum, maria shriver + hyperemesis gravidarum,

Brooke Burke
The "Dancing With the Stars" co-host had surgery in December of 2012 to remove this type of cancer, an ordeal she shared with fans via videos and blog posts on the blog she cofounded. While recovering, she rested at home and enjoyed marathons of this Emmy-winning TV show, long baths and quality time with her husband. "This whole experience has given my family such a scare that it brought us all closer," she told Us magazine. brooke burke thyroid cancer,

Frankie Muniz
The former "Malcolm in the Middle" star, 26, took to Twitter in early December 2012 to announce he’d suffered from this medical emergency, which is typically associated with people who are older. He told "Good Morning America" that he knew something was wrong when he experienced vision loss in one eye while riding his motorcycle. "Have to start taking care of my body," Muniz tweeted. "Getting old!" Frankie Muniz + stroke, Frankie Muniz stroke recovery,

Lil Wayne
The rapper reportedly had an in-flight medical scare in October 2012 that forced his private jet to make an emergency landing in Texas. Though his camp initially claimed it was merely dehydration and a migraine that ailed Weezy, the rapper later revealed he was taking medication to prevent what had happened. Doctors also recommend he drinks four bottles of water a day. Lil Wayne + dehydration and seizure-like symptoms, lil wayne recovering from seizure,

John Mayer
There was a time when even John Mayer wanted John Mayer to shut up. But in August of 2012, the singer and lothario was silenced for a second time by this condition, for which he had previously undergone surgery in October of 2011.  john mayer on jen aniston break up, john mayer granuloma on vocal chords,

Rosie O'Donnell
The outspoken comedian wrote on her blog that she was "saved by a TV commercial" after experiencing chest pain and nausea in August of 2012. She went to the hospital the next day and discovered her coronary artery was 99 percent blocked. Rosie called her recovery from this condition, which is the leading killer of men and women in the U.S., a "miracle." rosie o'donnell bayer aspirin ad saved her, rosie o'donnell heart attack, rosie o'donnell weight loss 2012-2013,

Tori Spelling
The actress and reality star told Us magazine she nearly lost her life during her fourth pregnancy with son Finn Davey. Diagnosed with this medical condition halfway through the pregnancy, Spelling spent four months on bed rest at a Los Angeles hospital, all the while keeping her condition a secret from fans. Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, conceived Finn just one month after the birth of their third child, which may have contributed to her illness. Tori Spelling + placenta previa ,

The R&B songstress and prolific tweeter shared a photo of her arm hooked up to an IV in May 2012, one day after attending the fashionable Met Gala in New York City. It was deja vu for fans of the singer, who tweeted a similar photo in fall 2011 when she hospitalized in Sweden during her world tour. The star, who has apparently reunited with controversial ex-boyfriend Chris Brown is known for her hard-working and hard-partying ways. rihanna + exhaustion,

Amanda Bynes
The former Nickelodeon star made headlines in 2012 for her erratic driving record and even more erratic behavior, leading to widespread concern for her mental well-being. Media outlets reported the star talking to herself and acting strangely in public places. In an interview with People magazine in September, Bynes said that she was doing "amazing" and that she had retired from acting to start a fashion line. amanda bynes driving record, amanda bynes fashion line, amanda bynes mental health issues, amanda bynes makeover,

Nick Cannon
The "America’s Got Talent" host had a series of health scares in early 2012 that landed him in the hospital, including kidney failure and blood clots in his lungs. Under a doctor’s orders, he stepped down from hosting his New York-based radio show in February 2012. He later went public with his diagnosis of this condition, with which he says he will live for the rest of his life. Nick Cannon + lupus-like autoimmune disease,

George Michael
The British pop singer was hospitalized with a life-threatening bout of this lung condition in November of 2011 while touring in Austria. He spent several weeks there before he was allowed to return to his native country in time to spend Christmas at home. Michael told BBC Radio that he had ignored signs of his deteriorating health prior to being hospitalized. He has since written a song about his ordeal called "White Light" white light by george michael, white light by george michael, george michael pneumonia,

The British singer gave fans a scare when she was ordered by doctors to stop singing and even talking for a month in the summer of 2011, forcing her to cancel 14 North American tour dates. She wrote on her blog about attempting to heal from this illness, which threatened the voice that made her famous. adele + laryngitis, adele top selling album 2012, adele quits smoking to save voice,

Selena Gomez
The actress, singer and sometime-girlfriend of Justin Bieber blamed her 2011 health scare on her love of junk food. Gomez landed in the hospital with this condition after which her mother reportedly made her take vitamins. The starlet told a Texas radio station that eating healthy is a challenge: "I have to have creamed spinach or, like, cheese on my broccoli. I have to have something that makes it not healthy." selena gomez malnourishment, selena gomez justin bieber,

Serena Williams
In early 2011, the tennis star was sidelined by a serious health condition, which required several hospital visits. Her symptoms included swelling in the leg and difficulty breathing. Williams told the "Today" show at the time that it was "the scariest moment of my life." The 13-time Grand Slam champion returned to professional tennis in June 2011 after taking almost a year off for various injuries and health conditions. Serena Williams + blood clot,

Aretha Franklin
The Queen of Soul shot down reports that she had this deadly form of cancer in late 2010, but otherwise remained mum about the mystery illness that put her in a Detroit-area hospital. She had previously told talk-show host Wendy Williams that her health crisis started with a pain in her side. aretha franklin tumor,

Bret Michaels
The former Poison front man was a frontrunner on "Celebrity Apprentice 3" when he underwent an emergency procedure in April of 2010 after being rushed to the hospital with what he thought was a bad case of the flu. Shortly after, Michaels was struck with a life-threatening condition. After recovering from both health scares, he went on to win Celebrity Apprentice and donated his prize money to this charity, which fights a disease Michaels has had since the age of 6. bret michaels appendectomy + brain hemorrhage.

Brooke Shields
The actress and model had a health scare in 2009 when doctors removed a precancerous spot from her face. The former child star, who rose to fame in the 1980s, has been candid about her sun-worshipping ways as a teen, including using baby oil and tinfoil while baking in the sun. Shields described the cancer scare to People magazine as a “wake-up call.” brooke shields skin cancer, brooke shields skin cancer prevention,

Mariah Carey
Before YouTube, Mariah Carey made MTV history with her now-infamous meltdown on live television in July 2001 during a surprise visit to "Total Request Live." The singer shocked host Carson Daly by appearing unannounced on the show, wearing only a purple T-shirt and pushing an ice cream cart. In the weeks following the bizarre appearance, Mimi checked into a New York hospital for what was reportedly an emotional and physical breakdown. mariah carey american idol,
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