Bob Newhart Big Bang

Bob Newhart Big Bang
Bob Newhart Big Bang, The Big Bang Theory executive producers Bill Prady and Steve Molaro teased that they were very excited by a “really, really cool guest star coming up very soon.”

“He’s somebody you could understand why Bill and Steve are very excited by,” Molaro hinted of their upcoming guest star.

Prady took to Twitter on Wednesday to expand on his excitement: “Excited for the guest star at this morning’s table read (not from the world of scifi or science). Been a fan of this man all my life.”

And now, we have our answer for who has the producers so giddy: a rep for THE BIG BANG THEORY confirms that comedy legend Bob Newhart will appear in an upcoming episode of the CBS sitcom.

According to TVLine (who was first to report the casting), Newhart will play “Professor Proton,” the former host of a science show that Sheldon and Leonard watched as kids.

Newhart’s episode is scheduled to air Thursday, May 2nd.
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