10-year-old found alive

10-year-old found alive
10-year-old found alive, A 10-year-old girl from California, kidnapped from her home in Northridge, has been found six miles (9.65 km) away in Woodland Hills after a 12-hour absence.

Nicole Ryan's parents noticed that she was missing from her bedroom at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27 also finding her dog in the room after being told she was not to let it inside.

Ryan had incurred “facial bruising and lacerations,” but no serious injuries. She has described one of the suspects as an 18-year-old boy and mentioned them using two cars.

“She's basically in shock right now. [...] Like I said, she's walking, she's talking. She's conversing with the officers and the FBI agents and with the doctors and nurses at the hospital,” Los Angeles police Capt. Kris Pitcher explains.

Los Angeles Daily News writes that police are currently searching for two suspects who held the girl captive, keeping her in an abandoned home then moving her to a warehouse.

“You have a 10-year-old girl ... who was taken from her home and held by individuals for several hours.

“If these individuals are brazen enough to do that, I'm putting all the resources I have to make sure they don't do it again,” Capt. William Hayes of the Los Angeles Police Department says in a statement to the press.

Ryan was left in front of Kaiser Permanente's Woodland Hills Medical Center and wandered off to Oxnard Street and Canoga Avenue in Woodland Hills where she was approached by a passer-by who called the police.

“We have two vehicles, and we already have one in custody. [...]We don't know who she was dropped off by, that's under investigation now.

“We are reviewing tapes, we are talking to individuals. We are turning over every stone we can to catch up with this individual, so we don't know who dropped her off,” Hayes says.
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