Underwood $31 million necklace

Underwood $31 million necklace
Underwood $31 million necklace, Carrie Underwood wore her 2013 Grammys dress with a major side of bling on Sunday night. The former "American Idol" was drowning in diamonds -- $31 million worth to be exact - in the form of a gorgeous necklace!

"This is worth like more than me, and everything I have, and have ever had and ever will have," Carrie Underwood laughed, when chatting with Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson on the red carpet at the Grammys.

Her necklace had 381 carats of oval, pear, marquise and round brilliant white diamonds.

"381 carats of gorgeousness," Carrie laughed.

Carrie's sparklers were courtesy of Johnathon Arndt, but she said she wasn't accompanied by security.

"Actually it didn't," she said when Shaun asked if the necklace came with a bodyguard. "Unless they're like lurking. They might be that good."
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