Teen gives judge the finger

Teen gives judge the finger
Teen gives judge the finger, When a teen gives a judge the finger, one can only expect that there would be some type of consequence. Well, that's just what happened to Penelope Soto. She was in court after being arrested for drug possession in Miami. On Feb. 5, WebPro News reported that Soto giggled, played with her hair, and rolled her eyes at Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat -- but he wasn't "charmed" to say the least.

After the Judge set Soto's bond at $5,000.00, she said "Adios," likely in a sarcastic way. The Judge called her back in and upped her bond to $10,000.00 -- and that's when Soto landed herself behind bars. Reported Examiner...

The teen didn't just give the judge the finger, either. Soto reportedly asked the Judge, "Are you serious?" before flipping him off and telling him to go "f--- himself." Obviously Judge Rodriguez-Chomat didn't appreciate that gesture, so he put Soto in her place. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Soto's exact age is unknown but that wouldn't excuse her behavior anyhow. She obviously has some issues and her attitude needed some straightening out. Who knows if 30 days in the slammer will change her outlook on life... but good for the Judge for showing Soto that those kinds of actions aren't tolerated.

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