Rihanna restraining order

Rihanna restraining order
Rihanna restraining order, Rihanna loves her fans, but she is establishing boundaries with one whom she believes crossed the line.

According to court documents obtained by "omg! Insider," the singer (real name: Robyn Fenty) filed a restraining order against Steveland Barrow on Tuesday. The 31-year-old California man was arrested on February 22 for breaking into the Los Angeles home of her neighbor, mistakenly believing it was where the star lived.

In addition to removing “various items from the home,” Barrow “slept in a bed,” thinking it belonged to Rihanna. “Upon arrest, he claimed he had been invited to Ms. Fenty’s residence” and “had numerous pieces of poetry for her.”

The documents state that Barrow has caused Rihanna, who wasn’t home at the time, to “fear for her safety.”

The temporary restraining order mandates that Barrow, whose whereabouts are currently unknown after he was released from police custody, stay 100 yards away from Rihanna, her home, her place of business, and her car.

A court date has been set for March 21 to make the order permanent and establish even stricter stipulations.

Rihanna is known for having an open relationship with fans, giving them the play-by-play of her daily life – including photos of her drug use and controversial relationship with Chris Brown – on social media. This isn’t the first time someone has taken their fandom too far. A man named Zentil Vanzellas was convicted of stalking the singer back in 2010 and spent 277 days in prison after pleading no contest to allegations he was harassing her.

In December, she was vacationing in her native Barbados and called the authorities on another man who trespassed on her beachfront villa. However, it was later determined that the person – a German tourist – didn’t realize it was private property.

Luckily, Rihanna dealt with the latest incident from afar. She was on vacation in Hawaii – accompanied by Brown for part of the time – celebrating her 25th birthday.
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