McCready shot dog

McCready shot dog
McCready shot dog, It is believed that Mindy McCready shot her late boyfriend's dog before taking her own life in her Arkansas home, the Cleburne County sheriff said Monday, February 17, a day after her body was discovered.

The troubled country singer's two sons, Zander, 6, and Zayne, who is nine months old, were not there at the time. They were put into foster care earlier this month after she entered a rehab facility to begin what marked one of several stints she has undergone in the last few years.

McCready's boyfriend and Zayne's father, record producer David Wilson, had died of what she had said was a self-inflicted gunshot wound in January at the same house in Heber Springs, Arkansas. An investigation was launched and the distraught singer denied in an on-air interview with NBC News that she had fired the weapon.

The Cleburne County Sheriff's Office said on Sunday that McCready died of an apparent suicide at the same home. The sheriff himself, Marty Moss told CNN, the Associated Press and other outlets on Monday that she appears to have shot and killed a dog that belonged to Wilson, before turning the gun on herself. The pet's body was next to hers, he added.

According to local TV station LTHV, Moss said there were three dogs at the home. Neighbors called 911 to report two gunshots.

No one else was present at the time of the shooting, the sheriff added, while McCready's spokesperson told CNN that "Zayne and Zander are loved, cared for and comfortable with foster families at this time."

Moss said the case is being investigated as a suicide and that "all indicators" suggest it was but that the official cause of death has not yet been released. A rep for the sheriff's office declined to respond to inquiries from, saying it was closed due to the Presidents Day holiday.

McCready had battled drug and alcohol addictions for years prior to her death and had attempted suicide before, which landed her on season 3 of "Celebrity Rehab" in 2010. Check out a timeline of her troubles.

Check out reactions to Mindy McCready's death from ex-boyfriend and Zander's father, Billy McKnight, as well as from former associate and retired baseball player Roger Clemens and Dr. Drew Pinsky of "Celebrity Rehab."
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