Matt Damon's news

Matt Damon's news
Matt Damon's news, Matt Damon's news video for World Toilet Day and has gone viral this week. The Hollywood actor, who is a co-founder of, has released a video in which he holds a press conference to break some big news; he announces that he is going on strike until every person in the world has access to clean water and a toilet.

However, Damon is not talking about striking from acting, but rather about going to the toilet. The amusing video has gotten thousands chuckling online, and has gone a long way to promoting's cause.....christianpost

In the video Damon tells reporters that he will not go to the bathroom until everyone in the world has access to clean toilets. The confused reporters then start questioning Damon with some amusing questions; one reporter simply says, "Whaaaaat?"

Others attempt to confirm whether Damon's strike is for real, with another asking, "Do you mean literally, like you won't go to the bathroom, but will go somewhere else like maybe a swimming pool?"

To which Damon answers, "You're the reporter, you do the math."
The humorous video continues with a continual back and forth between Damon and reporters at the press conference, with Damon making a number of real life points to highlight the campaign; such as more people have a cell phone than a toilet.

Damon also explains to reporters that the invention of the toilet has saved more lives than any other invention in human history.

The campaign asks those who support the cause to provide toilets, sanitation and water to every person on Earth, to sign up and "Support the Strike" by visiting

The website states, "Matt Damon, co-founder of, is taking a stand for the water crisis. Watch his announcement and support the strike by signing up to make your voice heard online through Water Day, March 22, 2013."
The campaign claims that for just $25 one person can get clean water for life.
Here is a video of Matt Damon's strike announcement:
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