Matt Cassel Release?

Matt Cassel Release?
Matt Cassel Release? A Matt Cassel release? That appears to be exactly what the Kansas City Chiefs might do. Cassel could be released as a way for the team to save money apparently. According to a report from Saturday (Feb. 23), the Chiefs will owe him $7.5 million if he remains on the roster for the upcoming season. That's a lot for an under-performing quarterback.

Last season, Cassel entered it as the Chiefs' starting quarterback, but it became obvious rather quickly that he wasn't performing well.......examiner.

He would finish the season with a 1-7 record as a starter, posting just six touchdowns to go along with 12 interceptions in his playing time. His quarterback rating finished at just 66.7, making him the 32nd ranked signal caller in the league.

It wasn't as if his backup did any better though, as Brady Quinn stepped in and finished with an identical 1-7 record. Neither player performed up to their paycheck, but fans might place a lot of blame on an offensive line that was also not doing its job. Quinn is expected to head to free agency next month and Cassel could soon follow him if he doesn't re-work his contract.

There is a shot that Matt Cassel doesn't get released, but it only becomes possible if he willingly takes a big pay cut to remain on the team. With several other franchises in need of a quarterback, though, he might decide that the best option is to head into free agency. If he doesn't agree to a pay cut, that decision is going to be made for him by the Kansas City Chiefs soon.

His fantasy football value has never been lower, but maybe Cassel can find a new job that gives him a chance to rebound a bit in the 2013 NFL season.
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